Start taking grades for your first nine weeks' report cards weeks before they're due. Reverse-plan your first nine weeks of school, so you aren't scrambling for grades in three months.

Outline your weekly content for the first nine weeks of school. Imagine knowing what you'll be teaching next week and weeks in the future, so you can repeat this process again during the first nine weeks for the second nine weeks. Put your plans on repeat! 

Plan for grade and plan-free nights and weekends. How do you want your nights and weekends to FEEL? We have to get intentional about how we use our personal time (yes, NOW!) or it won't happen.

You'll leave this training with:

  • A simple way for you to begin taking grades now, for the benefit of your student's growth and your sanity.

  • A plan for laying out your first nine weeks, so you can use the plan to fill in details of lessons, assessments, and growth.

  • A vision for how your nights and weekends will look and feel, so you can make plans to step out of school at a decent time and into your life!

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