Application for 1:1 Teacher Coaching

"I found out about BIT because I took the teacher burnout quiz. I then proceeded to arrange a phone conference with Amber to find out more about BIT. Before working with Amber I was getting things done but I knew I could be working smarter not harder. I wanted to make a switch in my life where I was being proactive rather than reactive.
I decided to join BIT and have Amber be my teacher coach for the following reasons:

  1. Amber was a former teacher - if you’re not in the profession you don’t truly understand the workload.
  2. Amber provides a safe environment- I know that what I am sharing with Amber is confidential. Amber is very transparent about her past and meets you where you are. She helps you hone in on the goals you want for yourself and helps you identify the steps needed to get there. This is truly a non judgmental vibe.
  3. I have been working with Amber for two months and I already feel more control over my life and feel successful because of the goals I am completing. For example, I have stopped using a paper planner (I would always forget it anyway :joy:) and now have my to do lists and calendars all in one place- my phone. This improvement is allowing me to use my time more effectively and do things with the fear of “am I forgetting something?” This is my very own productivity boot camp. I continue to strive for a 40 hour teacher work week and I believe with the information and growth taking place with BIT I will have more of those weeks in the upcoming school year ."



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