BURNED-IN Teacher Training Course

An Online Course to Give You The Support and Guidance You've Always Needed, But Have Never Gotten


MODULE 1 Releases August 24th!

Curious about what BURNED-IN stands for?

Check out this podcast episode.

"I have little time for myself and my own life - jealous of non-teachers. The demands from administrators on top of my already very busy schedule. "

Burned-Out Teacher
When asked what's challenging them

Build Stronger and Healthier Relationships

Decide who your people are and how you can connect better and with intention.

Learn Better Time-Management Skills

Learn ways to focus on the right things at the right times, so you can lighten your work-load and live life.

Set Smarter and Clearer Personal and Career Goals

Start taking action on those things that you've always wanted to do, but never had the guidance or motivation to do.

Let's get you BURNED-IN!


So how much does Burned-In Teacher Training cost?

Doors open for EARLY BIRD pricing for the Burned-In Teacher Training Program July 8th!
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✔︎ Eight Weekly Video Modules delivered to your inbox

✔︎ The BURNED-IN Teacher Journal

✔︎ Access to The Burned-In Teacher Tribe Facebook Group

✔︎ Weekly Office Hours where Amber answers questions submitted by Burned-In Teacher Tribe Members

*BONUS #1*
Out the Door By 4: 
The Super-Easy Research-Based System to Get Stuff Done So You Can Leave Work and Live Life! ($47.00 Value)

*BONUS #2* 
Download the
Eight Steps to Go From Surviving to Thriving in Education
($17.00 value)


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Regular Price $147


MODULE 1 Releases August 24th!

Don't wait. You have this one life.

Don't waste it wondering. Don't waste it waiting for someone or something to come and save you. Whether you want to stay or leave education, let's get you BURNED-IN!


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