The Burned-In Teacher Training eBook
Eight Steps to Go From
Surviving to Thriving in Education


This fillable ebook doubles as a guide
and a journal as you go from
 burned-out to a BURNED-IN Educator!


Lack of time, money, and resources, poor student behavior, a decline in support from your administration, apathy and negativity from coworkers can make you feel that no matter what you do, it will always be met with resistance and negativity. 


There's so much to do and no matter what you try, you feel like a failure to your students, family, and yourself. You know you love (or used to love) working in education and you wonder if there's a way that you can find that passion again.


All of these fires and only you to put them out. It's exhausting. You're tired all the time. There's no energy left to do all that self-care that everyone's talking about. Will there ever be a time you can feel like you're "done" with work?

You can take control. 

You don't have to live your life like this. There are actions you can take right now to become your own hero and take control of your current reality. You just need someone to guide you along this journey.

This eBook will take you through the steps that I ultimately took myself to go from burned-out, surviving teacher to BURNED-IN! When I started living and teaching with purpose and vision, I started to change my mindset, beliefs, processes, and daily actions that ultimately led to me sharing all of these processes with YOU!
As you read this book, you will reflect on reasons that you are where you are, realize your true potential in education and in life, create change within your current reality, and set and reach new goals that you realize as you make your way through this guide using the fillable forms or writing out your revelations in the journal portion of this book.
Buy the book, go through the steps, change your career and life!

BURNED-IN is an Acronym.

Follow the eight-step process to go from burned-out to BURNED-IN! Check out the Table of Contents. You'll see exactly what lies ahead for you after you make the choice to become a BURNED-IN Teacher!

You cannot and should not live another year in the classroom or school feeling the way you do now about your career and life. You are worthy of change. And The Burned-In Teacher Training eBook can be your catalyst for that change.

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You can take control. You can become your own hero. Let's do this!


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