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You're burned out. I've been there. Let's work together.


Can you relate to Janelle?

If you're burned out, I'll bet you catch yourself saying things like…

"No one can possibly understand where I'm coming from. I'm all alone."

"What's WRONG with me? This is what I went to school for! Why am I so miserable?"

"If I tell anyone how I'm feeling, they'll think I'm being NEGATIVE. Maybe I am just a negative person."

"I don't even care anymore. The kids don't care, my principal doesn't care. No one here even likes me."

"Is it time to leave yet? How many days until Summer Break?"


- BURNED-IN Teacher Small Group Program -

The next program start January 7, 2019! Doors open soon!

Let me help you to stop the shame, assess your situation, and gather the strength and resources you need to take action against the burnout. I did it alone, and I know how hard it is to make progress when you feel that you are the only one on this journey.

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During the eight weeks, you’ll get:

  • Two 1-on-1 calls with me to Begin Where You Are and Never Settle, on the first week and the last week of the program.

  • Access to our private BURNED-IN Teacher Small Group Program Facebook Group where I’ll share resources, answer questions, and where you and fellow BITs can support and help keep each other accountable, both during and AFTER the program! (You get to remain in the group even after the program ends!)

  • Weekly Group Calls through Zoom - recorded and shared within our private BIT Small Group Program Facebook Group.

  • Access to “The BURNED-IN Teacher Journal” that you can use either on your own or as we work through the program together.

  • An email summary of our conversations each week, helping you and the rest of the group to remain on track and accountable for taking action toward your goals.

  • Comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone and that others are ready and willing to help you become the happiest and most fulfilled human being you can possibly be!

Price for 8-Week Small Group Program: $149

Still unsure? Check out this Burned-In Teacher Podcast episode, featuring a teacher who has taken part in the BIT Small Group program:

“You just made me realize that change wasn’t something someone was going to do for me. If I wanted to make a change, I had to take the first step and take charge of my own happiness.  Of course I had to figure out myself what that meant for me. I was feeling very complacent in my job and not challenged anymore. I knew that meant I needed to try something knew that would challenge me. I guess I just thought I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take a leap and you made me think I could. But you also made me realize how unhappy I was. I felt negative and I REFUSE to have a negative attitude about my job. That is when I knew something had to give and the seed was planted! Thank you so much!”
— - Burned-In Teacher Client

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