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Questions about workshops, consulting, or Google University?




Amber offers full-day workshops to schools and organizations on how to use G Suite, Chromebooks, Google Classroom, Seesaw Learning Journal and more! She can customize any workshop to meet your specific needs. 


If you're a school who is new to G Suite, Chromebooks, or anything Google, but can't afford to hire a full-time Technology or Instructional Coach, Amber offers the option of hiring her on retainer to support your staff in utilizing edtech in their classrooms. 

Google University courses are taught via weekly Zoom calls. If you want to learn how to use G Suite tools in your classroom, but can't find the time or the substitutes to cover your class, then this professional learning opportunity is for YOU.

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What Teachers Are Saying...

Make G Suite Work for You, Your Way

Amber will listen to your needs, goals, and struggles and help you to decide which tools and strategies you can use to make G Suite work for you. 

Get Your Digital Life Organized and Save Time

G Suite has an uncanny way of helping you organize all that there is to do. But you may need help to learn how to use all of the tools together.

Gather Data That Helps You Help Your Students

Amber will help you to use your resources alongside the streamlining capabilities that G Suite offers to better serve your students, in a more efficient way.

Questions about workshops, consulting, or Google University?

G SUITE 1, 2, 3!

A free resource site created to help teachers to gain a better, foundational understanding of all G Suite tools.

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