On-Site BURNED-IN Teacher Training Workshop

I was feeling very complacent in my job and not challenged anymore. I knew that meant I needed to try something knew that would challenge me. I thought I couldn’t take a leap and you made me think I could. Thank you so much!

- Stephanie

Are your teachers apathetic? Tired? Stagnant?


Allow me to come to your school for a full-day, on-site BURNED-IN Teacher Training.

What is BURNED-IN Teacher Training?

BURNED-IN is an acronym that stands for the process that teachers can go through to reignite their fire for their career and life again:

B: Begin Where You Are

U: Understand Your Teacher BranD

R: Reflect on your challenges

N: Nurture Your Strengths

E: Extend Your Reach

D: Determine Your Long-Term Goals

I: Initiate Lasting Change

N: Never Settle

burned out teacher training.jpg

After struggling with burnout for years and not understanding why, I decided to make decisions about my career and life, take action and control over it, and serve others who are dealing with this debilitating and stifling issue.

I’ve been there. I’ve lived teacher burnout.

But, I pulled myself out.

Let me show your teachers how.

Contact me at support@burnedinteacher.com to learn more about the BURNED-IN Teacher Workshop and how I can serve your school.