On-Site BURNED-IN Teacher Training Workshop

I was feeling very complacent in my job and not challenged anymore. I knew that meant I needed to try something knew that would challenge me. I thought I couldn’t take a leap and you made me think I could. Thank you so much!

- Stephanie

Are your teachers apathetic? Tired? Stagnant? BURNED- OUT?

Allow me to come to your school for a full-day, on-site BURNED-IN Teacher Training.


Lead by Amber Harper, Creator of Burned-In Teacher Coaching and EdTech Consulting

Lead by Amber Harper, Creator of Burned-In Teacher Coaching and EdTech Consulting

This workshop is for educators and administrators wanting to learn about building positive school culture, relationships, how to set goals, and take action on them. This training will give educators a chance to assess their current education reality, decide what they need to do to become a happier, more fulfilled educator, and make plans of action to get there. This inspiring and activating training will not end when the training does. It’s an ongoing, transformational process that will continue for as long as educators decide to take action and control over their teaching lives.

What Does BURNED-IN Mean?

The BURNED-IN Teacher Method is a system of reflection, planning, and action I’ve created to help teachers take their next best steps to be the happiest and most fulfilled educators and humans they can possibly be. BURNED-IN is an acronym and order of operations that takes teachers on a journey out of burnout:

B: Begin Where You Are

U: Understand Your Teacher Brand

R: Reflect on Your Challenges

N: Nurture Your Strengths

E: Extend Your Reach

D: Determine Your Long-Term Goals

I: Initiate Lasting Change

N: Never Settle

Training that Transforms Teachers and Their Administrators

In this workshop, teachers will learn strategies and practices they can implement into their daily lives while planning, engaging with students, grading, and meeting the high demands that are asked of today’s teachers.

Administrators will learn the best ways to engage with a teacher who they believe is struggling with burnout and the steps they can take to build a bridge of trust and support to help them through it.


After struggling with burnout for years and not understanding why, I decided to make decisions about my career and life, take action and control over it, and serve others who are dealing with this debilitating and stifling issue.

I’ve been there. I’ve lived teacher burnout.

But, I pulled myself out.

Let me show your teachers how.

Contact me at support@burnedinteacher.com to learn more about the BURNED-IN Teacher Workshop and how I can serve your school.