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Learn how to use G Suite in the comfort of your classroom, without having to find a substitute to cover your class or having to travel.

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You choose how many of the courses you take part in, based on what you need.

Each course builds on the one before it.

Access Your Course

Once you register, you'll receive an email with the classroom codes of the courses you purchased, a Zoom Link for our monthly Q&A call, and an instructional video to help you get started.

Learn G Suite

All classes in each course were recorded in front of a live audience and uploaded into their own Google Classroom, along with the instructional slide deck, assignments to practice, and templates for you to use.

Do what you can, when you can.

"Wow! What an exciting experience to find out that I had no idea what tools were available! Each session was an eye opener filled with so much new information that will truly be transformational in how I teach and how students learn."

Pam Brewer
Elementary School Teacher


G Suite 101: G Suite for Beginners

If you struggle with:

- Getting to and navigating around Google Drive

- Sharing and collaborating 

- Understanding G Suite's purpose

This course is for you.

G Suite 205: Beyond Beginner Status

If you:

- Know the basics, but want to go deeper into the capabilities of Google Drive, Sheets, Slides, Docs, and Forms

- Want to learn how to help your students to use these tools

This course is for you.

G Suite 301: Google Classroom

If you:

- Are being asked to use Google Classroom and don't know where to start

- Need to learn the basics of Google Classroom

- Want to utilize Google Classroom with your students 

This course is for you. 

G Suite 390: Bringing It All Together in the Classroom

If you:

- Want to learn how to 'break down the walls of your classroom" using technology

- Desire to level-up your use of tech in order to transform your instruction and student learning

This course is for you. 

G Suite 490: Level 1 & 2 Google Certified Educator Training

If you:

- Want to learn simple tips and tricks to prepare to become a Google Certified Educator

- Simply want to learn even more about G Suite tools and their capabilities to change your teaching practices

- Want to become a Level 1 and/or  Level 2 Google Certified Educator

This course is for you.

"Amber was an amazing teacher, she offers so many ideas!"

Amber Franz
Elementary School Teacher

"How much does it cost?"

It's so affordable!

$75 per course




"What do the courses/classes look like?"

Great question!

- After you register, you'll be sent an email with a Google Classroom code, Zoom link to join our MONTHLY Q&A sessions, and an instructional video to help you gain access to your course in Google Classroom

- Once you get into your Google Classroom, you'll have access to all pre-recorded Instructional videos, slide decks, and any practice templates that I offer in that course

- You'll have FOREVER ACCESS to all materials and can go through the video trainings at your own pace

- QUESTIONS DURING YOUR COURSE? Great! Simply email me your question and I'll answer it during our MONTHLY ZOOM CALL where you can join to have your questions answered or watch after it's uploaded into Google Classroom

More Questions? Contact Amber!

"How do I register?"

Another great question!

Simply choose to register with one of the Indiana Education Service Centers listed below.

Anyone can participate, even if you don't live in Indiana!

Region 8 ESC
West Central ESC
East Central ESC

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