Episode #006 - Stephanie Doesn’t Want You To Be Afraid To Take The First Step

October 1, 2018  Also available on iTunes and Google Play.

October 1, 2018

Also available on iTunes and Google Play.

On this episode, Stephanie shares with us how a conversation with me, over a year ago, made her realize how unhappy she was in her then current place in her career. She began to seek out other opportunities for her and, although she admits that it was scary, she’s so glad that she did!

Stephanie starts off by telling us that, although she loved her school, her team, and her administrator, she had felt that in her career, she was out of control. She was tired, even felt depressed about how much she felt like she was on this “hamster wheel” as she called it.

Coincidentally, I had just started interviewing teachers for the BIT Blog and I was asking everyone I knew if they would allow me to interview them. She agreed and we had a great discussion about her feelings about her career.

Throughout the interview, she said many things that made her feel sad for herself as she read the blog post about two weeks later. Stephanie said that she didn’t want to sound that way or feel that way, so she talked to her husband and started looking for other options.

About a year later, she had the opportunity to move to a different position within her school that she loves so much, and had many reservations about whether or not to take it. She ultimately did, and was so pleasantly surprised that she did.

She wants others to know that, although change is scary, she encourages you to listen to your words and your feelings and if you’re unhappy with the way that you sound, take the first step to change your situation, even though it may be scary.

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