Ep #024 - Five Ways to Go From Burned and Unbalanced to Taking Control of Your Workload

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In this episode, two teachers from The Burned-In Teacher Small Group Program tell their stories of transformation. Each of them classified themselves as Burned and Unbalanced and struggled with their work-life balance as educators. Amber shares with you five steps she encouraged these teachers to take to begin to take control over their workload and go from Burned and Unbalanced to BURNED-IN Teachers!

Main Take-Aways from Burned-In Teacher Mentor Interviews:

  1. Have and two Accountability Buddies: One on the inside, someone who works with you or in the same position as you do, and one on the outside who can give you different perspective.

  2. Assess what truly are the most important things to spend your time on.

  3. Ask yourself, “Does it really have to be so perfect?”

Five Ways to Go From burned and unbalanced to taking control of your workload:

  1. Pay attention to how you spend your time before, during your prep times, and after school.

  2. Block certain times to work on certain tasks.

  3. Batch like tasks together.

  4. Pay attention to what you’re grading and why.

  5. Join The Burned-In Teacher Tribe Program, starting the week of April 8th!

Show Notes:

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