Ep #034 - Turn Classroom Management into Classroom Connection with Dr. Tim Elmore

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In this episode, Dr. Elmore shares with us what he notices when he can feel a season of burnout coming and his exact strategies for tackling the symptoms and causes. He also describes, in detail, three shifts we can make in our thinking about classroom management to better serve our students and to help them to grow as leaders.

When Dr. Elmore is struggling with feelings of burnout he feels himself:

  1. Getting quiet

  2. Withdrawing from relationships that are  the life-giving relationships that he needs

  • We should be running to them, but we’re running from them

  • Are you feeling so tired you can’t deal with your tired?

How Dr. Elmore deals:

  1. Remember the ‘Starving Baker’

  2. Think, “What’s going to feed me?”

    1. Books

    2. Events or conferences that will recharge

    3. Fresh input through magazines

    4. Go to mentors that don’t sap me, but fill me emotionally as well as intellectually

    5. Doing something different is as good as a nap

    6. Have “Think Time”

      1. Turn it off and just think in the quiet

  3. Find “Emotional Fuel”

    1. Leaders run on emotional fuel

      1. Intentional relationships that you bring into your life

      2. Don’t let all relationships be solely accidental bring intentional relationships into your life

      3. Mentor who can build you up

      4. Models who are five steps ahead of you

      5. Heroes (some dead, some alive) who you can look up to and admire the life they’ve lived

      6. Inner circle - those people who you can let your hair down with and

      7. Mentees keep you straight so you don’t mess up, they’re watching me

You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most.

Bring different types of mentors into your life who can help you grow:

Dr. Elmore has:

  1. Communication Mentor

  2. Focus Mentor

  3. Finance Mentor

Dr. Elmore’s advice on classroom management:

  1. Shift Your Perspective

    1. Don’t think control, think connect

    2. Change Classroom Management to Classroom Connection

    3. Listen

    4. Build a Bridge, not a Wall

  2. Don’t think Rules, Think Equations

    1. Don’t just add to the rules

    2. Clearly communicate,

      1. If you do this, this is the benefit

      2. If you do this, this is the consequence

      3. Make a trade off - up to you what you do, but you know what the result will be

  3. Understanding before trying to be understood

    1. Give students a chance to share their side of the

  4. Coregulation

    1. Check in, give

  5. Don’t think Engagement, think Student Empowerment

    1. I’m gonna get you engaged with my curriculum, my lesson plan

    2. Empowerment = we get on board with what they want to do

      1. What do you want to do?

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