How the Time Flies... When You'rere Trying to Keep Your Head Above Water

After all this... where's the fullfillment?

Hey, Burnies! Thought I gave up did you? Figured I threw in the towel on the whole blogging thing? NOPE! In the past few months, I have been:

a. Moving into our new home.

b. Focusing on my family and getting settled into our AWESOME neighborhood.

c. Starting a new school year with 30 first graders.

d. Working on my career goals of becoming a Google Certified Educator Levels 1 & 2 by Christmas.

  Level 1? Check!

  Level 2? Taking the exam this week! 

  Google Trainer??? Yep! That's happening.

e. Trying new things as a Seesaw Ambassador so that I know what the hell I'm talking about when I present/facilitate about this game-changing app. 

....basically trying to keep my head above water like the rest of you. 

The list could go on, really... but that's not why you are reading...

With all that I have done, all I have learned, all that I still desire... I am lacking fulfillment. I love my students. We are trying new stuff together, failing all over the place, and loving every minute. However, I have a BURNING (no pun intended) desire to help educators love educating kids like I do. A NEED to assist teachers to weed through all that there is to do with technology and pick something to try. A mind-blowing excitement to help teachers narrow their focus to help them to realize how empowering technology can be for them and how simple changes can make a big impact on their lives.

But I need your help, readers. 

I need you to tell me what you are overwhelmed by. I don't want to do this for me, therefore, I don't want to assume that I know you. I don't want to be another 'sage on the stage' who gets up there and talks to hear myself talk. I don't want to tell teachers more vague lists of things they 'should' be doing such as, "give kids real-life experiences" and "make the classroom theirs," etc. YAWN. WE have heard all of those things with no simple "How-to's" attached. 

I want to be  someone who is giving teachers real, simple tools and tricks that can help them to leave the classroom at a decent time AND I MEAN LEAVE, not take it all home and work on it until 11:00 pm on their couch with a half bottle of wine every night. I want to be the coach who helps you navigate through the endless possibilities that you have as a leader of youngsters to help them (and you for that matter) be more productive and less passive. 

YOU have got to tell me what you want, need, desire to help you to be more fulfilled as a fellow educator and human. 

This is me putting myself out there, letting you know that I am ready and willing to listen to anything you have to say about how you are not being supported or how you are being 'supported' but by 'support' you mean more and more and more is being asked of you with no way of knowing how to actually put it into practice. 

Let's do this. Burn on!