Learn How to Use Google for Education Tools in the Comfort of Your Classroom: Introducing Google University Online Guided Courses!


I was a classroom teacher for 12 years.

I totally understand your struggles:

  1. You WANT to learn something new, but who has the time?

  2. You KNOW that Google for Education tools can help you be more efficient, but when will you possibly find the time to learn how to use them?

  3. You’ve SEEN what other schools and classrooms are doing using G Suite for Education tools, but feel that you’re not ‘techie’ enough to use them yourself.

I get it. Learning something new is scary and sometimes to pace is just TOO FAST. Enter…

Google University Online Guided Courses

You want to learn how to use Google in your classroom, but can't find the time or the substitutes to cover your class. If you're looking for support in learning the basics of G Suite all the way to becoming Google Certified, then this is an option for you.

5 Months - 5 Courses

Imagine not having to get a sub and (UGH!) write sub plans!

Imagine learning a tool at a time and having a week between classes to practice using them for yourself and with your students before moving onto the next one!

Each month, starting in January, I will be leading a new online guided course, with a new G Suite for EDU focus.

Check out this video and the slides below for more details on what these courses have to offer you, your students, and your school:

What do these courses look like?

  • Each month builds on the month before it.

  • Each course is laid out in either 3 week or 4 week classes. Each class zeroes in on a specific tool(s) and focuses on ways to use those tools either for your efficiency as a teacher or for increasing engagement with your students.

  • Each Thursday from 3:30-4:30 pm EST, you will join a Zoom Call (like Skype and Google Hangout only it is recorded and shared with the group in Google Classroom in order to come back to it later). If you can’t join for some reason, no worries! The call will be recorded and all of the materials will be shared with you via Google Classroom (where the courses will be taught).

  • You do NOT have to join all 5 courses.

  • At the end of each month, you will receive a badge to show off to others for completing the course and 4 PGP points to show that you’re a continuing learner!

What happens every week?

  • Within our Google Classroom, you will be given a link to join our weekly Zoom Call (You can join via app on your phone or from your computer.)

  • I will have a slideshow to share about our new tool and there will always be time to practice and ask questions.

  • Those calls will be recorded and shared inside of our Google Classroom setting, as well as the slide show, examples, and templates.

  • Each week, at the end of the call, you will be given ‘homework’ in the form of a way to practice the specific tool/tools that we learned about that week. When we come back together for our call the next week, you will be asked to share how you or your students used that tool.

How do I register?

Simply contact your local Indiana Education Service Center (West Central, East Central, or Region 8) , click on Professional Development, or contact them and they can help you get registered.

I hope to see you in August 2019 for our first call, but if you have any questions, please email me at support@burnedinteacher.com! BURN ON!

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