Blending Math and Technology

Ditching that Math Textbook... When I'm Not Really Allowed To: Proceeding with Caution

Today, students had their 2nd experience with a HyperDoc in Math. They, AGAIN, rocked it. Students worked at different paces, helped one another and were more than happy to continue through to the end of the doc without my help, if they got to that point.

I think the tricky part of this is making sure that I am following my curriculum map as well as keeping it interesting for the kids. They were very engaged today, but were unable to finish all of lesson. So what should I do? Move on? Continue it? That's were I am struggling. I simply have to keep moving and I love how much time they are allowing me to meet in small groups!

Part of what I am consistently have them do is create something with each step. Here are some of their creations today, answering the question: How can I show subtraction? (I used Seesaw as my platform again.)


I am continuously impressed with the students' level of work. They are taking things so seriously and I am so excited to keep this going!



Amber HarperComment