eLearning and HyperDocs: The Perfect Couple

eLearning and HyperDocs: Planning Made Easy

Before leaving school last Friday, I was 100% sure that we wouldn't be at school today. I was right. I was excited to take eLearning to the next level by using HyperDocs to make the day more interesting and engaging.

It has all of the sudden hit me in the last few days that we teachers overthink things. When I first started experiencing eLearning, I basically felt like I had to reinvent the wheel and make everything from scratch. Not anymore!

By simply using what we had planned on our Google slides, I simply pulled everything onto a new slide deck and added instructions. Boom. Done.

Students were the most engaged they have ever been on an eLearning day and because I pulled parents into the plans, they were also made aware of what their child was up to. It was way more fun than any eLearning day we have done in the past!

Happy Holidays! Take time for yourself and those that you love!

Burn on!


Amber HarperComment