First Graders CAN Use G Suite

First Graders CAN Use Google Suite...Just Take Deep Breaths and Let Them Fail A Little

Think they can't? Think again. My first graders have been collaborating on documents this week and are rocking it. Sort of. Perfect? Oh, hell no. But what is the first time... as a six-year-old... when your teacher tells you to ask someone else because she is busy with another student (or 10)?


Showcasing their understanding of past, present, and future has been way more interesting this week. The firsties in my room have been collaborating on Google Slides to show what they have done in the past and present and what they hope to do in the future.


My hope is that this document will become Part 1 in a series of HyperDocs that I would like to create for them to complete during our Daily 5 rounds. Students are lacking engagement and I am unable to see if they are truly comprehending Science and Social Studies concepts that I am trying embed into my Reading/Writing block.

What Went Well:

Students were very serious about staying on their assigned slides and are working hard not to mess everything up! I love how much they are talking to one another! (Especially as things are going really wrong.)

What Went Wrong:

A Brainpop Jr video that I linked in the hyperdoc did not take them to the right place and it was not easily fixable. I have talked to my tech coach and she is going to see what she can do so that the link can take them where they should go.

What We Want:

We want to be able to see what others have done in the past vs what we are doing now and what we want to do in the future.

Taking deep breaths and knowing that things can't possibly get worse.

Burn on!


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