HyperDocs Are Going to Be a Game-Changer

HyperDocs Are Going to Be a Game-Changer:

Here's How I Did It

While going through my Google training this past month, there was a lot of talk about what Google calls MMTS or Multi-Media Text Sets.  It turns out that an entire book on these MMTS called The HyperDoc Handbook: Digital Lesson Design Using Google Apps has been written by Lisa Highfill. It is lying right beside this computer, just begging to be opened. And I will, however, true to form, I fell into the rabbit-hole of Youtube when I was researching something else and could barely sleep last night as I was planning out how I could use this today! It ROCKED, but I'm getting ahead of myself...


I'm not usually very good at sitting down and reading ANYTHING in its entirety and this situation is no different, so (before I even read the book) HyperDocs seem to me to be this simple:

1. Student have access to a Google Doc that you have created and shared with them via Google Suite. That document has links to youtube, articles, audible books, you name it. They can only view the doc, as they are not actually manipulating anything on it.

2. Students follow the directions that are listed on the doc and go where the links take them (step-by-step), usually ending in some sort of written response, project-based learning step, etc.

3. The students independently follow these steps at their own pace until they have completed that HyperDoc.

That's it! (If I'm wrong, please comment below and set me straight!)

They are 6 and 7 year olds. I thought they were going to be all over me, but they were the most engaged they have been since the third week of school.

Their mission had purpose. Their effort had an end result. THEY. WERE. HOOKED.

(*Step 3 was a video that I created of myself giving instructions on what to do with what they learned about persuasive writing in the first two videos.) 

While they were working, I was able to conference with EVERY small writing group. I have 28 students! I CONFERENCED WITH EVERY STUDENT TODAY!!! What??!? (Insert mic drop.)

What Went Well:

Students were engaged. I mean the type of engaged that made me want to call my principal and demand that he come observe me now.

What Went Wrong:

I originally tried hyperlinking the Seesaw video into the doc so that they kids could just go straight to the video, but for some reason, it didn't work on their iPads. Easy fix to the doc and I did it on the spot.

What We Want:

I want independence, engagement, and to integrate Social Studies and Science into my lessons. I feel like the first two wants were achieved today. The integration will happen tomorrow as I teach students about Pilgrims/Thanksgiving during our reading block before our Breakout EDU!

As always, my advice is to try it first, think about it later. I just went for it, made it really simple today, and it was fantastic.


Burn on!


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