HyperDocs Vs. Whole Group Instruction

How are they DIFFERENT? It would be easier to tell you how they are the SAME:

Not. At. All.


Tomorrow, my students will be coming into the classroom and will get started right away on their third HyperDoc. I have shared the link below.

I am testing out different templates and have found that, so far, inserting a table into the Doc keeps things tidy for the kids.

I am working on writing instructions in language and words that the kids can read and complete on their own, so I will update you tomorrow on how that goes.

Here is what I am really trying to apply from Highfill, Hilton, and Landis' book The HyperDoc Handbook: Digital Lesson Design Using Google Apps (besides figuring out the format):


Who will be viewing the HyperDoc? Whole Class? Small groups? Individual students?

So far, I have been sharing the HyperDocs whole class through Seesaw (If you haven't heard of it, stay tuned for a post this week on what it is and how my class uses it.)


Here is how the Whole Class HyperDoc (WCHD) is Different than Whole Class Instruction (WCI):

1. Students can listen/watch at their own pace.

In WCI, students are forced to go at MY pace, not theirs. I have taught my kiddos how to pause videos in the WCHD and go back so that they can listen and watch again, if they need to.

Also, the WCHD doesn't disappear when they are done with it. They will have that instruction any time they need it, or if they are struggling with a concept later on in the week/month/year, I can have them go back to that lesson.

2. I am freed up to conference with individual students and small groups while they are being instructed by me virtually.

Our corporation is big on the 'conference' and setting individual goals. I am the first to admit that I am horrible at documenting my conferences, mostly because I am short on time because my WCI was taking FOREVER!!! You know what I am talking about... the mini-lesson was SUPPOSED to take 10 minutes, but somehow I made it last 30. So much for students actually working...

Not anymore. With the WCHD, I have no choice but to keep it short and the students have no choice but to work!


3. Absent Students Have Access

With WHI, students home sick (or for whatever other reason) have no access to the lesson and I then have to spend more time with them when they come back to school to help them understand what we are working on.


With WCHD, I can have them:

a. Access it from home and do the activity from their couch, bed, etc.

b. Have them watch/listen/do the WCHD right away when they return to school!


4. Engagement is through the roof!

Students are hooked. They are independently working, have purpose, and and end goal that I can check. Kids are working, not simply being quiet. No faux-reading. I can tell if they are understanding through their end product.


5. Real-Life Problem Solving and Collaboration is Evolving!

Students who are having trouble finding the tools and videos they need to use or don't understand the final product are asking each other for support. NOT ME. They are learning to rely on each other for help instead of the teacher. Can we get anymore real than that?


Show me how YOU are using tech in the K-2 Classroom. #burnedinteacher to add to a list of other things that I have found teachers doing with their little ones!

Burn on!



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