Tid BiT: The Art of Being Unprepared

Tid-BiT: Why I Built My Plans While I Taught Today

The Art of Being Unprepared

Get it? Tid-BiT (Burned-in Teacher)? I think it's catchy, don't you?

Well... I thought it was clever...

Tid-BiTs are QUICK. They will highlight an epiphany that I have had or something great that happened, something that I have heard or read that I am stoked to share with you. Short and sweet! Just like me! (I'm a liar... I'm 5'7".)

Today I was really unprepared. I wanted my kids to collaborate on a slide show to publish facts they had learned either about spiders or pigs. They could choose.

I have been busy and knew that they would do this, but I just didn't take the time to create it and share it with them. So... I did it in front of them. And I forgot to do some things. AND IT WAS AMAZING!

We tell kids all the time, "We all make mistakes!" "Keep trying!" "You don't always get it right the first time." "I stay hours after school to make things for you."

So I quickly created the title slide, showed them how I was adding their slides to work on and then I forgot to change editing capabilities and they came and told me, so I fixed it! JUST LIKE I TELL THEM TO DO! We had the best time figuring out problems and them telling me what I had to do to fix it. I stopped them a few times and reminded them that this is how making things is.

Things don't always work perfectly. It was an amazing reminder that I am smart and quick and capable of teaching my students through failure. I am awesome. YOU ARE TOO. Embrace being unprepared and show kids what it's like to build a lesson for them. They will be amazed.


Enjoy and BURN ON! We've got this!

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