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U in BURNED-IN Teacher: Understand You

As I have read and reflected on my past blog entries, I've realized that I need to simplify my mission and my blog posts. You blog, you learn! Therefore, let's keep this blog simple starting now. Let's start with explaining each letter of the BURNED-IN Teacher Program letter-by-letter over the next few weeks.

And the simplicity continues with:


Understand You

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. -Aristotle

What It Means:

Understanding who we really are, knowing our strengths, and identifying our TRUE personality type is key to moving on in our journey to find happiness and fulfillment in our career as educators. Until last year, I self-labeled myself a Type-A personality. And maybe it's true, but could you define for me, please, exactly what a 'Type-A' is? You say you're controlling, a perfectionist, and bossy? Ok, then. You can stop there... or, you can REALLY find out for sure. Since you have started with thinking about where you are, you now have to get to know and learn about that 'vehicle' (YOU) that will get you to your destination. 

Questions You Can Ask Yourself:

What do I enjoy, naturally?

What do I NOT enjoy, naturally?

What are my strengths? How can I use them to feel better?

What is my personality type, REALLY?

Next steps:

Take time to really get to know yourself. Ask others who work with you daily or weekly what they notice about you: both strengths and weaknesses. Want to get really brave? Sit down and talk with your principal or dean and ask for their opinions. Take the time also, to tell them about your feelings of burnout and that you are working to find a solution. Seeking to understand yourself is what will help you to know where you want to go from here. 

Jump onto our Burned-In Facebook Group and tell us about your journey so far, ask questions, or support another teacher. We're in this together!

Things I have used to help me along my journey of 'Understanding you:"

- Take the FREE 10-minutes 16 Personalities Assessment . It is super-short and will change your life. It changed mine.

- Learn more about your personality type from the assessment by investing in a Starter Kit from personalityhacker.com. This kit is taylor-made for your new-found personality type and can be an eye-opener for you as you start this journey.

- Ever heard of a book called Strengthsfinder 2.0 from Gallup? Hold onto your hats. This book unlocks doors to understanding strengths like you wouldn't believe. AND... it comes with a code you can enter on gallupstrengthscenter.com .


Take a deep breath. We are our own heroes. You can do this. Burn on. 


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