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What It Means:

I read a quote many years ago, when I was just dabbling in the idea of starting something new for myself: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." You see, for several years while going in and out of burnout, I did a lot of talking, stewing, and complaining, but didn't take a whole lot of action. At least not action that would help me to solve the real problem: my own unhappiness. What I have come to learn in the last few years is that the only REAL thing that I have control over and can change is me. So, Initiating change is all about taking positive, powerful steps in the direction that will lead you to a destination that is determined by YOU, not anyone else. 

Initiating change and taking 'the jump'

Over the years, I have worked with some pretty inspiring, loving, and positive people. These are people that I have decided to surround myself with, connect with, and (most importantly) dream with. Because of that, they have shared amazing things with me. One thing that was shared with me last year, as I was expressing my dreams for Burned-In Teacher, was this video. It's all about creating change, taking the jump, and really living. I watch it almost every day. Something you should know about me is that I am not religious, but I do believe that something out there wants us to not just exist, but to live our fullest life and to serve others. Mr. Harvey's message shares his personal religious views, but more than that, he shares a strong message of taking a leap of faith, so we can initiate REAL change and, therefore, live our fullest and happiest lives. Check it out here: 


My favorite part of the video is when he says that we are born with gifts, those strengths that I wrote about early last month. Those strengths are what can help us to know what our true path should be. Don't be afraid of them. Embrace them and the change they can help you to initiate TODAY. 

Questions You Can Ask Yourself:

What actions can I take TODAY to make myself happier?

How might I start taking small steps to reach goals that I have set over and over, but haven't reached?

Who can I talk to that can help me to begin initiating the changes that I need to make?

Next steps:

- Chances are, if you've landed on this site, you've already come to the conclusion that you need help or that you need someone to understand you, your situation, and your feelings about it. If you've already tried talking to someone (or someones) and their advice to you is to, "Just make it to summer, and then you'll feel better," and you know you need more than that, it's time to start searching somewhere else. Try other circles that you've never tried before or try the PRIVATE Burned-In Teacher Facebook Community , where we're here for you, 24/7.  Join us and read about other's journeys or tell us about your journey so far, ask questions, or support another teacher. We're in this together!

- Forgive yourself. Seriously. Stop feeling guilty about where you are in your journey and how you are feeling about it. Being who you are, where you are is part of the amazing journey that can and will go wherever you choose. It really is up to you to decide where the path will go. Own it. Be proud of it and, damn it, be EXCITED about it. This is your LIFE we are talking about here. Don't take it lightly.

Things I have used to help me along my journey of "Initiating change":

- The book that started me on my journey out of burnout way back in 2014 was the oldie, but goodie: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephan Covey. This, along side of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin is a match made in Heaven, I tell you. I'm not suggesting you read them at the same time, but if that's your thing, I'm not going to judge you. 

- Read. Watch. Learn. Search for help from articles, YouTube videos, and the opinions of strangers. They may just have that bit of advice that helps you decide what needs to begin to change to help you on your journey to be a happier, more fulfilled human being. 

Take a deep breath. We are our own heroes. You can do this. Burn on. 


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