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EdTech Spotlight Post by:

Amy Stevens and Ashley Arnold

When You Get down To It, Tech Integration is all about:

Mindset and Management



When change is on the horizon two words usually come to mind….fight or flight. When our district released the news that we would be increasing digital access in our elementary buildings, an excitement brewed within us creating the desire to “fight to do it right.” As we have all found in the teacher world….sharing is caring. Having the mindset to say “We haven’t done this yet, we’re not sure exactly what’s ahead, but we can watch and learn from those who have set out before us.” This mindset, along with approval from our admin has provided a tour of Indiana….from North to South and a few stops/phone calls in the middle, we’ve embarked on an amazing ed-venture!


Mindset - learn along with your students. Having the ability to model “if you fail, it’s just your First Attempt In Learning” for your students to show not only growth mindset but the permission to try new things. We have frequently heard how easy it can be to feel like a hamster spinning a wheel in our career as educators. Finding the administrators that will support that mindset and even model it themselves is so important.


All over the state, teachers are doing amazing work with their students to make learning fun, engaging, and meaningful. Classrooms are becoming environments where students can share school work with parents, with each other, and outside visitors is amazing to see at the youngest levels (1st grade). Soaking in the learning that is happening, allowing students to fail, providing opportunities to create and giving them access to resources and skills that will help them develop outside of simple content, gives evidence of why we embrace our role as a Technology Integration Specialist.



Having the time to work and learn with Amber Harper solidified our feelings of, “we are all in this together.” Great educators are doing great things all over the state. We are all trying to do what is best by our students. We are always striving for better. I read recently that we need to get comfortable with change, because change is truly the only constant in our lives. Technology in the classroom is an example of just that; it constantly changes. Our students’ future options constantly are therefore changing as well.


Thank you so much to Amy and ashley for not only visiting my classroom for a day, but for sharing their insights about edtech integration into the classroom. You two are an inspiration to stay positive through the change and to reach out and find others who want to help you grow. 


If YOU know anyone who should be invited to write an EdTech Spotlight Guest Post, let me know! I'm looking for those educators who are doing AMAZING work, but are a little shy about sharing it with the world. Tweet or email me with their information! BURN ON!

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