Just Try...

... a short reflection of my EdTech journey and my hope for you.

As I've reread past posts from a  year+, I realized something. I gotten REALLY excited about things that I am currently doing that started out as a shoulder shrug and a "Sure... I'll try it." There was no guarantee that any of it would work, and sometimes, it didn't. 

But other times, it did, and I was so happy that I just tried it. Even though it wasn't perfect or even photo-worthy.

I'll never forget the morning that we had a meeting about this little learning platform called Seesaw. I was 6 weeks into my new position as a first grade teacher in a new corporation that had been 1:1 for a year or two. My mind was both blown and excited. I could have said, "Well, maybe next year or possibly after Christmas. Let me get my head around this whole tech integration thing first." But, I didn't.

Now, I can't imagine teaching without it.... because I just tried it and it turns out it was just the beginning of the ignition of the flame that I needed to burn myself back into teaching.

Even HyperDocs, which also blew my mind and excited me all at the same time, was something that I thought I would dabble in and then, when I dipped my toe in, dove head-first into that perfect pool of an exploration tool for students...

all because I just tried it.

And now, here I am, offering coaching services and support to teachers and schools. Not just trying it, but really going for it, because I know that without support on how to use these seemingly scary tech tools, they are little more than additional things to make educators feel more intimidated and inadequate than they already are. 

So, if you're reading this, and you have been approached about a new tool, be it Google, a new learning management system, or you've seen something for yourself that you have thought, "That would be cool... if only I knew how to MASTER it," my advice is to JUST TRY. 

Notice not once have I said, "Be the best at it." Stop shutting the door on your abilities to grow with these tools without giving yourself a chance to try and fail a little, while learning some great things about yourself in the process. Isn't that what we ask of our students... to JUST TRY?

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Burn on!

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