EdTech Educator Spotlight - Molly Hunter

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Current Position:

3rd Grade Teacher

How techie is your school:

1:1 Chromebooks , 1:1 iPads

Apps or EdTech Tools Used:

Google Classroom, Google Forms, Google Sheets

Content Area:

Math; Math Facts

What Happened:

Throughout the year, my students take timed math facts tests a few times a week. Before I started using Google apps for this, I used paper and pencil and was always behind on grading. I had heard about other teachers using Google Forms for this, so I started with that. I created a Google form for each math fact that we use throughout the year.

We start at addition, work our way through multiplication, and some students make it to division. While this took me a while, my time spent on this was given back ten-fold by never having to grade math facts again.

After I created each of these, I had to figure out a way for my students to access this, so I created a Google Classroom that was specifically for math facts. When students take these I give them 6 minutes so they have enough time to type through the answers.

The students know right away after they have taken the test, which answers they got incorrect. This helps them to know which facts they need to study. I use the Google Sheets data to check their results and to guide instruction on what facts they need to practice.

Each student also is part of a Google Classroom that is for practice only. These are the same facts that they are tested on in class. They can use this for additional practice to help them on the timed tests. There is one last step to help make this even easier for everyday use. Print a spreadsheet with student names and tests. Each time they pass a test, they come to me and show me their passing score. I put a checkmark beside their name so we both know right away which facts they have passed and which fact is next. These tools have made this such a simple way for my students to practice, test, and improve their knowledge of facts.

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