Want to work with me? Why, I'd love to!

I offer on-site trainings on:

  • Google for Education (G Suite) Best Practices Training

  • Seesaw Learning Journal Integration Best Practices

  • Burned-In Teacher Training: From Survive to THRIVE!

  • Developing a “Yes, They CAN!” Attitude: 1:1 Tech Integration Into the Primary Classroom

  • DOK + SAMR = Engaging Instruction for ALL

  • Trainings can be created and customized to fit your school’s needs!

Email me at support@burnedinteacher.com with any questions concerning on-site Training. 



“Amber Harper and the BURNED-IN Teacher Program are absolutely committed to helping every teacher in every situation find ways to improve both personally and professionally.”


"Amber not only made Google tools come alive for the classroom, but also empowered use as educators to be courageous in the use of technology to teach smarter and more powerfully. I am looking forward to learning from her in the future!"

- Tina Voors, Principal, Saint Aloysius Catholic School

"I truly loved it all. I learned a lot about the different Google items. I feel more prepared to teach/have my students use these items."

- Stacey, G Suite for Beginners student

"The practical applications that I can use tomorrow were awesome. Also, just sharing basic information about G Suite that sometimes are assumed we already know."

- Jennifer, G Suite for Beginners student


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