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If you’re like most of my listeners and community members, you want to feel in control of your time, your workload, your classroom, and your life.

You’re a committed educator, but the feeling of overwhelm and burnout has taken you over and you want to feel that you are succeeding and growing.

You want change. Change for you, your students, and your relationship with family and friends.

Before becoming a Teacher Coach, I rode the roller coaster of teacher burnout for all 12 years of my teaching career. 

But, I'm now taking what I learned through my mistakes, research, and working with hundreds of burned-out teachers to create a movement of empowered educators who have the strategies, mental strength, and renewed passion to take their next best steps to become BURNED-IN Teachers. 

I know how it feels to be in that silo of isolation and shame. 

With Burned-In Teacher you can stop the shame, name your burnout, identify your stage, and take your next best action steps and beat that burnout.


Let's work together to take you from burned-out educator to BURNED-IN human!
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Listen to Janelle's Story of Becoming BURNED-IN

Janelle was the first, official Burned-In Teacher. After chatting with her at a conference, Janelle decided to go through BURNED-IN Teacher Training and is so glad she did!

Take action before it's too late.

Janelle didn't want to leave education, but she almost did. Don't wait to open up the conversation and to seek support. The time is NOW.


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