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The podcast for burned-out teachers where we talk about how to take your next best steps toward finding what you want from your career in education and life.





 With a new episode each week, Amber and her guests share inspiration, encouragement, and practical strategies to help you take ownership of your burnout and get one step closer to becoming a Burned-In Teacher.

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Episode 178: How to Love Teaching with Jamie Sears

How to love teaching again is a question that weighs heavily on the minds of many educators. In this episode, I’ll share my interview with Jamie Sears of Not So Wimpy Teacher and Not So Wimpy Entrepreneur. Jamie will share her inspiring story of leaving the classroom and how she turned her passion for helping and supporting teachers into a thriving business that helps teachers rediscover their passion for teaching. She’ll also share with us a few of her favorite strategies to combat burnout and overwhelm, as well as a sneak peek into her new book: How to Love Teaching Again. Tune in to gain valuable insights, practical advice, and inspiration to guide you on your journey out of burnout.

Episode 177: Ask BIT: How to Show Appreciation for and Uplift Teachers?

For administrators, focusing on how to show appreciation for teachers is an important piece of the puzzle in supporting them against burnout amidst the many challenges they face in the classroom. In this Ask BIT episode of the podcast, we’ll explore the top 10 ways that administrators and principals can best support their teachers. From providing resources to implementing policies that promote teacher well-being, we discuss a variety of ways to ensure that teachers are being properly supported in their roles. Tune in to learn more about encouraging, guiding, and leading teachers in your school.

Episode 176: Overcoming a Toxic Work Environment: From Burned Out to Burned-In with Sherree

Overcoming a toxic work environment is challenging and makes teachers believe that it’s easier to endure and “deal with it” than make a change. In this podcast episode, we explore the inspiring story of Sherree, a burned-out teacher who left a toxic environment and managed to recover from her burnout by applying what she learned as a student of Burned-In Teacher University. We’ll discuss the difficulties of working in a negative environment, the warning signs of burnout, and the strategies that helped her turn her life around. This episode is sure to inspire anyone who feels stuck in a toxic environment to find the strength to take back control of their life.

Episode 175: My Story of How I Embraced the Mess and Recovered from Teacher Burnout

Suffering from teacher burnout can be a draining and isolating experience. I have gone through it and understand the painful emotions that come with feeling overwhelmed and defeated by your work. Through my own experiences, I have come to realize that recovery is possible and that you can return to teaching even after taking a break. My interview with Alexis Shepard from The AfroEducator was an opportunity for me to be open about the shame I experienced during my teacher burnout recovery as well as what motivated me to return to teaching twice. In this episode, I discuss the steps teachers can take today in order to move forward in their lives and find a path toward healing from teacher burnout.

Episode 174: Exploring New Possibilities: Options for Teachers Leaving the Profession with Daphne Gomez

There are many options for teachers leaving the profession, but the process of transition can be daunting if you don’t have the right support.  In this episode, I’m bringing back Daphne Gomez of The Teacher Career Coach.  Daphne is a former teacher who now supports other teachers in their transition out of the classroom.  I originally interviewed Daphne back in 2021, and a lot has changed in education since then, so I knew it was time to have her back to share her wisdom and insight about what it takes to successfully transition out of the classroom. In this episode, Daphne shares with us the career trends, and how to best leverage your skills as a teacher.  She also shares actionable steps that you can take today if you are considering transitioning out of the classroom.

Episode 173: Ask BIT: How Do You Decompress at the End of a Long Week?

Having strategies for how to reduce stress as a teacher is important.  Being a teacher can be quite stressful, that’s why decompressing at the end of a long week is so important.  In this episode, I talk about how to reduce stress as a teacher by changing your mindset around relaxing and sharing what I do to decompress so I can show up every day as your best self.


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