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The podcast for burned-out teachers where we talk about how to take your next best steps toward finding what you want from your career in education and life.





 With a new episode each week, Amber and her guests share inspiration, encouragement, and practical strategies to help you take ownership of your burnout and get one step closer to becoming a Burned-In Teacher.

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Episode 171: Transform Your To-Do List with This One, Simple shift

Feeling overwhelmed in the classroom? It is no secret that teachers have a lot of pressure on them and many are choosing to quit in droves. In this podcast episode, learn how to make taking care of yourself a priority by transforming your work-life balance and finding joy in teaching again. Listen to find out how one small shift in mindset can help manage your to-do list, reduce stress, and foster fulfillment both inside and outside the classroom.

Episode 170: It's Teacher Time with Stephanie Palovchik

Are you feeling overwhelmed as a teacher? Struggling to fit everything into your day? In this episode, Stephanie Palovchik of Teaching Little Learners pulls back the curtain on how to manage time as a teacher by sharing the strategies she uses to streamline productivity. Stephanie also discusses ways to make that never-ending to-do list feel more manageable, how to determine what you should work on during your planning time, and - of course - how to decrease decision fatigue with one simple strategy. Join us for a helpful discussion on time management strategies to help stop your teacher overwhelm by learning how to make the most of your time, prioritize tasks, and create a plan to get the job done!

Episode 169: Ask BIT: What Advice Do You Have For Teachers Who Give So Much To Work They Have Nothing Left For Life Outside Of It?

Feeling exhausted, drained, or hitting that 'teacher tired' wall? With the middle of January often being a difficult time of year to keep energy levels up, it is never too late to implement strategies and tactics that will help get more energy and motivation into your day. Listen to this episode to learn about the five key strategies and tactics for managing teacher tiredness. so you can continue building an exciting and rewarding career in teaching!

Episode 168: A Burned-In Teacher Student Spotlight: From Burned-Out to Burned-In with Amy

In this episode, I’m chatting with Amy - a special education teacher and Burned-In Teacher University student - about her journey through burnout and how she was able to break free from the comfortable and go for what she really wanted. Her burnout story and desire for change will get you thinking about how to go for what you want in both your career and your life. Do you find yourself wondering how to embrace change and go for what you what? Career changes for a teacher can be scary, but when it’s aligned with your values and what you really want out of your career and life, then it’s worth it!

Episode 167: This Guy Teaches Wellness with Bryan Holyfield

We are getting closer to the start of a new year, and with that comes a lot of focus on health and wellness goals for the upcoming year. Whether or not you’re a teacher your health is important, but how to stay fit as a teacher and maintain a healthy lifestyle has some unique challenges. On this episode, I invited Bryan Holyfield to share health and wellness tips for teachers. I knew that Bryan would be able to offer the best health tips and fitness advice for teachers because, as a former teacher, he just gets it. The health and wellness tips that Bryan has for teachers will empower you to step into 2023 with the strategies you need to care for your whole self.  

Episode 166: Why a Word-of-the-Year...and How

As we get closer to the New Year, there is a lot of discussion about resolutions and goal setting as we look ahead at what we want to accomplish in the upcoming year. This episode is more than just New Year’s resolution tips, information about New Year's resolutions, and how to keep them. Instead, of focusing on lofty goals, I’ll share with you the power that one thoughtfully and carefully chosen word can have on reaching your goals in the upcoming year. In this episode, I’ll explain why I believe so strongly in having a Word-of-the-Year and how to choose your Word-of-the-Year. I’ll also explain how having a Word-of-the-Year instead of a resolution can keep you focused on your goals so that you can create the personal and professional life you want and deserve.


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When I realized I was deep in teacher burnout, I refused to look at it as a sentence. Instead, I chose to let it be an opportunity and took steps in my career to create the change I needed to be happy and fulfilled. Since then, I’ve written a book, created a course, and built a community of teachers who are serious about overcoming burnout and discovering a new and fresh passion for teaching.

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