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The podcast for burned-out teachers where we talk about how to take your next best steps toward finding what you want from your career in education and life.





 With a new episode each week, Amber and her guests share inspiration, encouragement, and practical strategies to help you take ownership of your burnout and get one step closer to becoming a Burned-In Teacher.

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Episode 203: Three Powerful Ways to Transform Your Teaching Career

In this episode, I’ll share three powerful action steps that you can take that will help you not only overcome teacher burnout but also flourish in your education career. Whether you're currently overwhelmed, contemplating your teaching career, or simply seeking positive change, this episode offers practical solutions and motivational wisdom tailored to educators like you.  Tune in for a transformative discussion that equips you with actionable steps to bring lasting change into your life, while also making a significant impact on your students and fellow educators.

Episode 202: Finding Hope Amidst Burnout in Education: From Burned-Out to Burned-In with Corinne

In this episode, we explore the journey of Corinne, a Burned-in Teacher University student, who has experienced the relentless waves of burnout in education throughout her teaching career. She candidly shares her personal transformation, an odyssey shrouded in burnout so dense that she didn't even realize she was pregnant until her second trimester. Join us as Corinne unveils how she conquered burnout, revitalized her life with newfound joy and passion, and emerged not only as a happier teacher but as a more fulfilled individual. Her inspiring story is a testament to resilience and personal growth, sure to reignite your own passion for teaching and life. Tune in now for this compelling conversation!

Episode 201: Mindfulness Practices for Teachers with Maddie Richardson

In this episode, I’m excited to share an amazing conversation about the world of teaching and mindfulness practices for teachers with our special guest, Maddie Richardson. Maddie, a seasoned 6th-year science teacher, shares her profound insights and experiences. Discover how teachers can uncover hope in the most unexpected places and explore the profound impact of mindful classroom systems have on building stronger classroom communities. Maddie takes us on a mesmerizing journey through her diverse teaching experiences, spanning rural Title One, suburban charter, and alternative settings such as teaching incarcerated youth. Don't miss this opportunity to gain fresh perspectives on teaching and mindfulness practices.

Episode 200: Effective Classroom Management Systems and Strategies for Starting the School Year (Part 3)

In Part 3 of my classroom management series, I’m talking all about effective classroom management systems by sharing with you my three-tiered behavior reward system that has transformed my classroom into a place of positivity and getting stuff done. In this episode, I'll give you the details of how I make these systems work by explaining how I handle whole-class, small-group, and even individual rewards in a sustainable and easy-to-manage way while also positively reinforcing expectations. I know that dealing with challenging student behaviors is burning teachers out, so tune in for these easy-to-implement, transformative strategies that will have a profound impact on your classroom.

Episode 199: Effective Classroom Management Systems and Strategies for Starting the School Year (Part 2)

This episode is part 2 of my 3-part classroom management series where I’m sharing my strategies for creating an easy and effective classroom management system that works all year. Last week, I laid the groundwork by discussing the fundamental rules, and now, in this episode, we're taking it a step further. Join me as I unveil my strategies and routines for effectively reviewing and reinforcing the integrity traits discussed in part 1 (Episode 198)... And that's not all – stay tuned until the end of the episode, because I’m sharing my favorite part of the day (It’s not what you think!). Your classroom management journey is about to take an incredible turn – don't miss out on this empowering episode!

Episode 198: Effective Classroom Management Systems and Strategies for Starting the School Year (Part 1)

Join us for part 1 of our three-part series on effective classroom management strategies. Discover three essential rules that will simplify your approach and set the stage for a productive school year. Whether you're a seasoned educator or new to the classroom, these actionable tips will transform your teaching experience. Don't miss out on creating a thriving classroom community where learning flourishes.


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I'm Amber Harper!

I’m a kindergarten teacher, teacher burnout coach, and travel-obsessed adventurer from Northeast Indiana.

When I realized I was deep in teacher burnout, I refused to look at it as a sentence. Instead, I chose to let it be an opportunity and took steps in my career to create the change I needed to be happy and fulfilled. Since then, I’ve written a book, created a course, and built a community of teachers who are serious about overcoming burnout and discovering a new and fresh passion for teaching.

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