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The podcast for burned-out teachers where we talk about how to take your next best steps toward finding what you want from your career in education and life.





 With a new episode each week, Amber and her guests share inspiration, encouragement, and practical strategies to help you take ownership of your burnout and get one step closer to becoming a Burned-In Teacher.

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Episode 200: Effective Classroom Management Systems and Strategies for Starting the School Year (Part 3)

In Part 3 of my classroom management series, I’m talking all about effective classroom management systems by sharing with you my three-tiered behavior reward system that has transformed my classroom into a place of positivity and getting stuff done. In this episode, I'll give you the details of how I make these systems work by explaining how I handle whole-class, small-group, and even individual rewards in a sustainable and easy-to-manage way while also positively reinforcing expectations. I know that dealing with challenging student behaviors is burning teachers out, so tune in for these easy-to-implement, transformative strategies that will have a profound impact on your classroom.

Episode 199: Effective Classroom Management Systems and Strategies for Starting the School Year (Part 2)

This episode is part 2 of my 3-part classroom management series where I’m sharing my strategies for creating an easy and effective classroom management system that works all year. Last week, I laid the groundwork by discussing the fundamental rules, and now, in this episode, we're taking it a step further. Join me as I unveil my strategies and routines for effectively reviewing and reinforcing the integrity traits discussed in part 1 (Episode 198)... And that's not all – stay tuned until the end of the episode, because I’m sharing my favorite part of the day (It’s not what you think!). Your classroom management journey is about to take an incredible turn – don't miss out on this empowering episode!

Episode 198: Effective Classroom Management Systems and Strategies for Starting the School Year (Part 1)

Join us for part 1 of our three-part series on effective classroom management strategies. Discover three essential rules that will simplify your approach and set the stage for a productive school year. Whether you're a seasoned educator or new to the classroom, these actionable tips will transform your teaching experience. Don't miss out on creating a thriving classroom community where learning flourishes.

Episode 197: Mastering the Art of Work-Life Balance for Teachers by Building Healthy Boundaries

In this episode, we examine the work-life balance of teachers, addressing the challenges they face with overwhelming responsibilities at school. Join us as we explore the art of setting boundaries, enabling you to reclaim your time, safeguard your mental health, and nurture your personal life. We'll uncover the signs of people-pleasing tendencies, and the four types of boundaries you may encounter, and provide practical strategies to advocate for yourself. Tune in now and unlock the key to achieving a more sustainable career and a balanced, fulfilling personal life as a teacher.

Episode 196: How Teachers Overcome Isolation in Burnout Recovery with Chrissy Nichols

In this episode, I’m talking with Chrissy Nichols from the Teacher Talk Podcast and we unlock the secrets to conquering teacher burnout recovery and embracing a brighter future, despite the resistance and isolation lurking in your educational environment. Discover how to stand tall against skepticism from colleagues while you continue on your path of growth and self-discovery. Get ready to unleash the power of self-compassion, set resilient boundaries, and foster an unshakeable growth mindset that propels you toward boundless success!

Episode 195: Setting Mangable Personal and Career Goals for a Fulfilling Teaching Journey

Step into a world of growth and empowerment with our latest podcast episode! Today's episode is devoted to setting manageable personal and career goals for the upcoming school year, empowering teachers to thrive both inside and outside the classroom. I'm going to share three powerful strategies to set meaningful goals and maintain your happiness throughout the year. Additionally, I’ll give you four steps to dream even bigger this school year and embrace long-term aspirations, fostering a sustainable and gratifying teaching career. Tune in now to transform your academic journey and unleash your full potential!


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I'm Amber Harper!

I’m a kindergarten teacher, teacher burnout coach, and travel-obsessed adventurer from Northeast Indiana.

When I realized I was deep in teacher burnout, I refused to look at it as a sentence. Instead, I chose to let it be an opportunity and took steps in my career to create the change I needed to be happy and fulfilled. Since then, I’ve written a book, created a course, and built a community of teachers who are serious about overcoming burnout and discovering a new and fresh passion for teaching.

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