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The podcast for burned-out teachers where we talk about how to take your next best steps toward finding what you want from your career in education and life.





 With a new episode each week, Amber and her guests share inspiration, encouragement, and practical strategies to help you take ownership of your burnout and get one step closer to becoming a Burned-In Teacher.

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Episode 163: Addicted to Stress with Brittany Blackwell

Is stress addictive? Being addicted to stress is real, and it could be an underlying cause of your burnout.  In this episode, I share the mic with Brittany Blackwell and we talk about stress addiction signs and causes and how to stop being addicted to stress. Brittany shares the signs and symptoms of stress addiction and how to begin breaking the stress addiction cycle so you can live a happier, more fulfilled, and burnout-free life.

Episode 162: What to do When the October Blues Don't Stay in October

We’re talking about the “October Blues”, the emotions that can sometimes be associated with it, and how to stop being sad every day.  Teacher friends, if you feel or have felt this way, I want you to know that I’ve been there.  You’re not alone.  In this episode, I share my own very personal story of the “October Blues” and why I believe that it can become a habit if we aren't being mindful of or taking action to change the negative affects and allow ourselves to be caught in a cycle that causes even more burnout.  

Episode 161: A Burned-In Teacher Student Spotlight: From Burned-Out to Burned-In with Melissa

In this episode, I'm going to share with you my interview with a Burned-In Teacher University student, and member Melissa. My heart broke as she shared her story - she had so many challenges coming at her from multiple places in her life, but she kept trying and she continued to show up for herself and her students as she tried to find the right fit for her.  I know that many of you are going to relate to her burnout story. I really appreciated how real and raw she was about the challenges she has faced both professionally and personally, and how she decided to change her perspective and really think deeply about what she can do to change her own reality. 

Episode 160: 8 Ways to Balance Life as a Teacher-Entrepreneur with Molly Wheatley

In this episode, I take my good friend Molly Wheatley, a fifth-grade teacher as well as CEO of Literacy Fundamentals and, through all 8 steps of the Burned-In Process.  The truth is, we are all busy both inside and outside of the classroom - maybe you’re a teacher with a side hustle, a parent, or have hobbies - and not finding some sort of balance can lead to burnout. Together, we talk about how your choice of how you spend your time and energy, and the actions that you take outside the classroom will support you in being an energetic, happy, joyful teacher and human even with all the things happening in your very busy career and life.

Episode 159: Ask BIT: How Do I Stay Positive When My Co-Workers are Burned-Out and Negative?

In this episode, I’m answering this Ask BIT question: “How can I stay positive when my co-workers are burned-out and negative?” Whatever space you’re in, it’s possible that you’re either observing or hearing a lot of negativity.  Whether it be about curricular choices, student behaviors, parents, administration, or maybe in a situation outside of school -  the amount of negativity that you’re experiencing could be dragging you down and even contributing to your burnout.  In this episode, I’ll share with you several strategies that you can use to protect yourself from all the negativity.  Let’s dive in!

Episode 158: A Burned-In Teacher Student Spotlight: From Burned-Out to Burned-In with Maggie

In this episode, I share my interview with a Burned-In Teacher student and member, Maggie. After transitioning back into an elementary classroom, in addition to having two small children at home, her exhaustion was only amplified by her trying to keep up with all the “new” teachers.  She shares that from the get-go of her career she formed bad habits, but by rectifying all those habits and belief systems by applying what she learned in Burned-In Teacher University and through the support of the membership community, she began to honor and accept who she is and how what makes her an individual makes her an asset.  In our conversation, Maggie shares how it’s not sunshine and roses all the time, and that it takes discipline and intentional action to see lasting results. So, without further ado, I want to introduce you to Maggie and I know you're going to love to hear her story!


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