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BURNED OUT? Grab The BURNED-IN Teacher Method: 8 Steps to Take Control and Beat Burnout Starting Now! (scroll down)

You're here because you've had enough. Enough of the feeling out of control, working all the time, and feeling left behind by how quickly things change. Enough of the BURNOUT. You want to feel like you again. Happy and fulfilled again. You want change.

With a clear plan and new purpose, you can feel good about your career in education again. You CAN enjoy your students and day-to-day work again. You CAN burn back in.  And you don't have to do it by yourself.

  Amber Harper- Creator of Burned In Teacher

burned-in teacher:

"I've found that from taking time to set goals, taking small steps toward them, and by connecting with other burned-out educators, not only am I not alone, I'm empowered."

Amber Harper – Creator of Burned In Teacher


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The BURNED-IN Teacher Method: 

Feeling overwhelmed by poor classroom behavior, lack-luster relationships with your administration and coworkers, or are you just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Stop wondering what to do and start taking serious action in order to BEAT THAT BURNOUT. 

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