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"I dread facing my class and administrators."

Your class isn't engaged and doesn't respect you. You feel your administrator doesn't support you. Is there anything you can do?

"I'm working against the clock."

If only you could add another 12 hours to your day, then you could get all the things done. Or could you?

"I'm exhausted."

No matter what, you are the definition of "teacher tired". Yet, each Sunday night, you find it hard to sleep. Is this what you're doomed to for the rest of your career?

"Amber and the BURNED-IN Teacher Small Group Program are absolutely committed to helping every teacher in every situation find ways to improve both personally and professionally."

Middle School Teacher

What Does BURNED-IN Mean?

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Check out The Burned-In Teacher Podcast - one part burnout and all other parts action, inspiration, and support for teachers dealing with burnout.

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