Welcome to Burned-In Teacher! My name is Amber Harper and I am the creator of BIT. My whole life I have been a big fan of the underdog. I especially became a fan when I became one myself. 

This site is for:

- educators frustrated or burned-out by their careers in education

- Teachers overwhelmed by the sudden demand to use educational technology in their classrooms

- administrators, schools, and businesses, looking for edtech support for themselves and their staff. (Check out the resources page!)

Take a deep breath. You are in control. Let's do this together!

Welcome to Burned-In Teacher!

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Get Burned-In!

The mission of Burned-In Teacher is simple, yet so challenging: Start where you are, set goals, make progress, find support, and take charge of your life as an educator as you beat the beast that is teacher burn-out.

Our Mission

  Amber Harper- Creator of Burned In Teacher

burned-in teacher:

"I have found that from taking time to set goals, taking small steps toward them, and by connecting with other burned-out educators, not only am I not alone, I am empowered."

Amber Harper – Creator of Burned In Teacher



What is this site all about?

Supporting Burned-out teachers or Educational Technology? The answer is BOTH!

Because I am a passionate educator who has dealt with burn-out more than once and I currently lead sessions and workshops as a Google Trainer and Innovator, this site focuses on those two passions: supporting other burned-out educators AND those who are new to educational technology and are meeting their frustration level. 

I support burned-out teachers by:

  • Blogging about my and other's experiences with burnout and ways we can bring ourselves out of it
  • Offering personal and online teacher coaching to help individuals come out of the burnout
  • Building a community of educators, within this site and on social media, seeking an opportunity to connect with one another in a judgement-free environment

I support Educational technology integration by:

  • Offering in-person Google and other EdTech workshops to schools, corporations, and businesses 
  • Blogging about my personal experiences with G Suite and other EdTech tools within my very own classroom

why burned-in?

It took me way too long to realize that I was in control of my happiness at work. I had to tear down that rollercoaster and build a steady bridge. That bridge brought me to Burned-In Teacher.

burned-IN blog

A blog dedicated to my personal struggle with burnout and the stories of others.

Edtech Blog

This blog is packed full of experiences that I have had with my students while integrating technology into my classroom. 

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