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More than just an uplifting pep talk, Amber's keynote drives home the importance of collaborative introspection.

She encourages both educators and administrators to collectively pinpoint the root causes of burnout within their schools. Positioning burnout as not just a challenge, but an invitation for positive change, Amber provides actionable steps that, when taken together, lead to transformative outcomes for the entire educational community.

"Amber Harper is one of the most relatable, moving keynote speakers I’ve heard. "

“Her unique story of leaving the classroom twice and returning twice makes teachers feel less alone in the convoluted feelings that often come with the hardships of the teaching profession. Even through the hardships, though, Amber’s message of self-care as more than what we can do individually resonated deeply in helping me realize that I can only do so much on my own. Unlike so many messages of burnout and calls for change that leave teachers frustrated with no actionable steps to move towards better, Amber channels those emotions into passion and action. Her talk reminds everyone that the change we need and deserve isn’t just about teachers or students, it’s about attaining better for all of us.”

- Alexis S., 6th Grade ELA Teacher

About Amber

Amber Harper is a nationally recognized speaker and author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Hacking Teacher Burnout.

Amber brings her experience as a classroom teacher and teacher burnout coach to both stages and screens to help educators take their next, best action steps to rise out of burnout and into a happier, more fulfilled life. Amber’s practical mindset strategies and simple action steps have equipped thousands of educators to become agents of change in their careers, leading to transformation in their instruction, classroom management, and engagement in their staff and school community.


Breaking Through Burnout Together:

Uniting Administrators and Teachers for Collective Support and Student Success

Teacher anxiety and burnout are reaching critical levels. With one in three educators considering early retirement or an exit from the profession, and escalating costs from teacher turnover exceeding 7.3 billion, the issue demands immediate attention. However, the solution isn't just about addressing individual teachers—it's about creating a cohesive approach where administrators and educators work hand-in-hand.

Amber’s expert approach emphasizes a collaborative solution to tackle teacher burnout. She believes that by understanding and supporting one another, administrators and teachers can collectively create a nurturing environment that serves the holistic needs of the students while addressing the professional challenges educators face.

In her keynote, Amber dives deep into the multifaceted nature of teacher burnout, elucidating its various types, causes, and characteristics. More than just identifying the problem, she offers tangible steps that both educators and school leaders can adopt, highlighting the power of a unified response.

Drawing inspiration from her own journey of over 16 years in the classroom, Amber narrates heartfelt stories of navigating through burnout and finding a path to rejuvenation. With her comprehensive 8-step framework, she doesn't just provide educators with coping strategies but empowers school administrators to actively support and uplift their teaching teams. Together, they can foster a culture where boundaries are respected, a positive mindset thrives, and creative solutions to challenges are collaboratively explored.

"I knew right away that Amber Harper was going to be a hit at Ditch Summit"

“I knew right away that Amber Harper was going to be a hit at Ditch Summit, my free online conference for teachers. In our interview, she found real pain points for teachers. Her solutions were on point and concise. It's clear that she knows her content and has applied it to help teachers solve their problems.”

- Matt Miller, Author of Ditch that Textbook

Key Takeaways From This Keynote

Collaboratively Address the Roots of Burnout

Together, administrators and teachers can pinpoint shared beliefs, thought processes, and routines that may inadvertently foster feelings of exhaustion and cynicism. By understanding these triggers collectively, the school community can begin to alleviate widespread burnout.

Navigate Challenges within Your Control

As a united front, administrators and teachers should identify and assess areas they can influence. By collaborating, they can implement actionable steps that promote collective growth, productivity, and mindfulness, ensuring both educators and students thrive.

Forge a Culture of Mutual Respect and Empowerment

Emphasizing partnership, it's crucial to establish a school culture where both teachers and administrators feel valued, understood, and empowered. By integrating strategies that prioritize open communication and support, educators are better equipped to serve their students and make a lasting impact in their community. And in return, administrators, and districts are able to recruit and retain their best teachers.

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"It’s such a relief to feel like I’ve been heard as a teacher."

“Amber really knows how to bridge the divide between teachers and administrators. I wish all teachers and principals could have her at their school.”

- Molly W., 5th Grade Teacher

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