Pandemic Teaching is causing teachers to leave the profession in record numbers and they need more than the conventional "Self-Care Motivational Speech."


Mentally healthy teachers are better equipped to support students.


Do you hear your teachers saying things like:

  • "I hate teaching virtually. I didn't sign up for this."

  • "No matter how hard I work, there's always something happening to wreck my plans."

  • "I still love education and teaching, but I need a change.”

  • "I just want to do my job as a teacher and be done. I HATE working on nights and weekends, but there’s so much to do. I have no choice.”

School and district leaders have the power to introduce them to a new way of looking at burnout: as an opportunity for growth and a call for change.

Teachers need more than the "fill your cup" motivation speech and to be told to practice self-care in to stay in education today.

They deserve and desire a plan of action in order to move through their burnout, so they can get back to enjoying their important work.

Let Amber help you inspire and retain your teachers by giving them the steps they need to grow their self-awareness, communication, and mental strength they need to not only teach, but live a happier and more fulfilled life that we all deserve.


Talk Topic:

Burnout: An Opportunity Like No Other 


Teachers who are "Burned-In" look at challenges, such as teaching during a global pandemic, as an opportunity for growth and change.


Burned-In Teachers are supported and engaged and are better equipped to create supportive and engaged classrooms.


They have the self-awareness they need in order to pay close attention to the way their beliefs affect their daily choices in their current career in education who can serve their students.


During this talk, teachers will learn the three ways they can begin to break their cycle of burnout by practicing self-care that takes them far beyond the comforts of bubble baths, yoga, and chocolate.


This talk will enlighten administrators and their teachers to discover simple, actionable changes they can make immediately to grow through their burnout and become happier, more fulfilled people.


Teachers and administrators will leave this talk knowing what they can do to make progress in their personal and professional lives in order to grow through their burnout, thus creating more supported and engaged classrooms.

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Amber Harper, Creator of Burned-In Teacher Coaching, is a long-time educator turned Teacher Burnout Coach. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller: Hacking Teacher Burnout and keynote speaker with a passion for helping teachers to become active participants in their lives and use burnout as an opportunity for growth and change.

In her talks, Amber teaches educators how to apply the BURNED-IN Process to their lives when facing hardship in the classroom or at home. They learn the steps necessary to move through burnout and other hardships with the belief that they are capable and worthy of change - no matter where they've been or where they want to go.

Amber brings her experience as a classroom teacher and Teacher Burnout Coach to stages and screens with her experience of helping thousands of educators take their next, best action steps out of burnout and into a happier, more fulfilled life.

Using her 8-step BURNED-IN process, she provides strategies and hope to teachers who love educating students, but are finding themselves in a season where they are finding it hard to love teaching and those who need encouragement to do what they know is best for them as teachers and as human beings.

Administrators can use what they learn alongside their teachers to design a culture of understanding where they feel heard, supported, and can contribute their best selves for their communities and students.


Here's what education leaders are saying about working with Amber:

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Matt Miller

Author of Ditch that Textbook

I knew right away that Amber Harper was going to be a hit at Ditch Summit, my free online conference for teachers. In our interview, she found real pain points for teachers. Her solutions were on point and concise. It's clear that knows her content and has applied it to help teachers solve their problems.

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Rachel Porter

Digital Curriculum Integration Specialist

Teachers couldn't stop talking about her message. She just really resonated with our teachers and they wanted more.

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Dr. Randall Zimmerly

Northeast Indiana Education Service Center

Amber's infectious and positive attitude and encouraging style made the day enjoyable and fun and the depth of her presentation and ability to teach those attending great strategies they can use the next day brought the most value.  Thank you!

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