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Feeling negative and defeated as a teacher? Learn how to turn your negative self-talk into positive self-talk for your mental health and to help combat your teacher anxiety.
Use these affirmations for positive self-talk at school and at home.

Hey Teacher Friend!

Have you been experiencing constant negative self-talk and wondered ...

"How do you stop negative self-talk?"

This podcast freebie will help you identify your negative self talk, name it, and then replace it so you can adopt more positive self talk messages. 

When you're dealing with constant defeating, negative self-talk your ability to see past those thoughts is very difficult. But when you learn how to stop the negative self talk and replace it with affirmations for positive self talk - everything will begin to change!

This Positive Self-Talk affirmations list will jumpstart your positive self-talk by showing you...

How to identify and name your negative self-talk 

How to replace that negative self-talk with more proactive and positive self-talk for your anxiety

How to name positive self-talk by giving you an Agent of Change replacement

Gimme that poster!

Have you ever Googled...

How to stop negative thinking?

Listen, teacher friend...

This is just the beginning of learning how to begin more positive self talk motivation.

The truth is...

It's going to take more than downloading this free poster to change your negative thinking.

After you've downloaded this Burned-In Teacher Podcast Freebie, consider hopping over to TPT to download the ENTIRE Build Your Positive Self-Talk Guide.

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 "Everything begins and ends with the way you talk to yourself."

- Amber Harper, The Burned-In Teacher

Hey there! I'm Amber Harper.

A full-time Kindergarten teacher and your Teacher Burnout Coach on a mission to help teachers rise up from burnout and create careers they love.

As a full-time teacher, nationally recognized speaker and author of “Hacking Teacher Burnout,” I have helped thousands of teachers with practical mindset strategies, personalized burnout plans, and time management tactics. 

I remember the moment when I knew I had to do talk to myself differently.

You want the truth? I have ALWAYS battled with negative self-talk. I never knew there was any other way to think.

Then one day I learned that, on average, we repeat 95% of the thoughts we thought the day before and 80% of what we repeat to ourselves are the same negative, defeating messages we stated to ourselves the day before that and the day before that...

when I learned that - EVERYTHING changed.

The difference between you and I? I had to pay attention to my negative thoughts blindly while YOU, my friend, get to use my research and my work in order to help you avoid your negative self talk and replace it with more positive self talk messages. 

Take Me There

Has teaching left you fighting negative thoughts that are only dragging you deeper into burnout and making you dread every weekday day?

One of the first steps to tackling your burnout is paying attention to the negative stories you're telling yourself and replacing those negative thoughts with more positive self talk messages.

Let's do this!