Ever wonder... "What does teacher burnout feel like?"

The truth?

Burnout in teachers is very different for different burnout types.

 Why is burnout in teachers so high?


You know why...

😣 Too many demands.

😣 Student behavior.

😣 Lack of support from administration or parents.

😣 Lack of resources to meet the needs of our students.

😣 Public scrutiny and disrespect.

😣 *Enter your reasons here.*


The list could go on and on... The bottom line?

There are so many things stacked against teachers these days - it's no wonder burnout in teachers is at an all-time high. 
This free Teacher Burnout Quiz was built by a teacher for teachers to help you determine your teacher burnout type so you can move through your specific type! This is no ordinary teacher burnout questionnaire, this is the start of a path out of burnout.

Are you...

Burned and


Burned and


Burned and



"If you want something different for yourself, you have to DO something different first."

- Amber Harper, The Burned in Teacher

Hey there! I'm Amber Harper.

A full-time Kindergarten teacher and your Teacher Burnout Coach on a mission to help teachers rise up from burnout and create careers they love.

As a full-time teacher, nationally recognized speaker and author of “Hacking Teacher Burnout,” I have helped thousands of teachers with practical mindset strategies, personalized burnout plans, and time management tactics. 

I want to know my Teacher Burnout Type!