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Reflect on Your Past, Focus on your Present, Determine Your Goals, Beat Burnout

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"I need help, but I don't know where to turn or where to start."

"I used to think I could handle all of this myself, but I can't keep this up... I'm burning out because I feel like I'm not making progress."

"I'm all alone. I can't tell anyone else how much I'm struggling."

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Middle School Teacher

Amber's coaching has helped me deal with problematic professional situations. Her advice centers around being proactive. I realize that there are some situations that I cannot control at my school, but within my classroom, I can do my best every day to be the best teacher I can be for my students.

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✔️Create a clear vision for your school year and life

✔️Reflect on the challenges you're facing and act on solutions

✔️ Know what your highest priorities are in and out of school

✔️ Bring intentional joy and happiness into your life (not only in the summer)

✔️ Set clear goals and take daily action toward them - no matter what they are

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Hi, I'm Amber!

You probably know me from The Burned-In Teacher Podcast.

I used to wonder what my mission was. I used to spend my days and nights wondering if I was doing what I was meant to do. I used to argue with myself. Just like you.

Then, I decided to change my mindset, beliefs, actions, and bad habits surrounding this one life that I have.

Now, as a full-time Teacher Burnout Coach and Google Trainer, I dedicate all of my energy to helping you step back and reflect, so you can move forward, dream big, and take action toward YOUR GOALS, whatever they may be.

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Burned-In Teacher Tribe is a monthly membership - full of teachers who what to do something different in order to get different results from their burnout.

Each month, you get continued access to Burned-In Teacher University, where you get guided through new ways to use your beliefs, your time, and your actions to get out of teacher burnout.

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Registration into The Burned-In Teacher Tribe Membership Community

✔️ Two Monthly Coaching Calls

✔️ Accountability Checks

✔️ Support to help you make progress toward your goals and to beat burnout

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Access to the *NEW* Burned-IN Teacher University Course

✔️ Self-paced Modules and Lessons to help you along your BIT Success Path

✔️ A BIT Journal to use for Burnout Stage tracking and reflection as you make your way OUT of burnout! 

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Admission into The Burned-In Teacher Tribe Members-ONLY Facebook Group

You betcha! When you register, you become a Burned-In Tribe member and therefore, you get special BIT Treatment! This group is full of teachers who are serious about changing their reality and you get to be a part of it!


Why Tribe? Is it for me?

Those are great questions! Here's why I know Tribe is for YOU!

✔️ No matter what you teach or where, you get to decide the direction your journey will go

✔️ No matter what your burnout type or reason for feeling burned-out, you get the resources and support you need to grow

✔️ No matter what your time zone, you'll have the ability to change your reality

✔️ No matter what your goal, we'll help you make it a reality

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BIT University is core content that every teacher needs to reach BURNED-IN Status on the Burned-In Teacher Success Path. 

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Pillar 1: Your Beliefs

(Here we work on reflecting on how you got here and shifting your mindset)

B: Begin Where You Are

U: Understand Your Teacher Brand

R: Reflect on Your Challenges

N: Nurture Your Strengths

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Pillar 2: Your Time

(Here we work together to focus on the most important things, so you can manage your time better)








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Pillar 3: You Actions

(Here is where we work on deciding what you want and how you'll get there)

E: Extend Your Reach

D: Determine Your Long Term Goals

I: Initiate Lasting Change

N: Never Settle


Change Your Beliefs, Make the Time, and Take Intentional Action

This is YOUR opportunity to do something DIFFERENT in order to change your life. Register today and start your journey OUT of burnout with a Burned-In Teacher Tribe Membership!

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