Google University Online Guided Courses

-Google University’s SUMMER ‘19 BUNDLE -

You don't have to settle for feeling the way you did about Google tools and edtech this school year, next school year. This is a SPECIAL OFFER only for those teachers or teachers’ friends who attended one of my G Suite Breakout Sessions in summer 2019.

Here's what former Google University students are saying:

"When I started the Google U Basics course, I felt like I had a fairly good base and sufficient knowledge of the how to use Google.  Wow! What an exciting experience to find out that I had no idea what tools were available!  Each session was an eye opener filled with so much new information that will truly be transformational in how I teach and how students learn."

"I think a lot of what we learned during this course could be used for when there is an e-learning day, and to engage the students in their learning. I really think the Mystery Hangout would be great for my geography classes!"

"This course was amazing, I am not sure what I would add. It was SO helpful."

If you're feeling left-behind and frustrated by how quickly educational technology and G Suite tools are changing, this Summer Bundle is for YOU, my friend!

You want a self-paced, step-by-step, beginners guide that shows you how to use G Suite tools with your students that you can access from anywhere.

So many schools going 1:1 and wanting you to utilize this technology, but the technology moves so fast, you can't keep up. Principals and Tech Directors are looking at how often you're using G Suite and educational technology with your students.

You feel so rushed! You need the same guidance and respect as a student who needs attention to help them to be successful in your classroom.

I've been there! I moved to a 1:1 Google school and had no idea how to use G Suite with my young students. It was so frustrating and I felt like everyone else had a handle on G Suite and edtech usage in the classroom except for me!

But, then I became a Google Certified Educator and Trainer, so I could serve teachers who felt like me. Therefore, I created Google University, five Googley Guided Courses to guide teachers from beginner status to advanced status through a step-by-step process using video tutorials and slide decks. All of which YOU could have access to on June 1st! Perfect fo summer learning - but you can keep them forever!

As soon as I receive payment, I'll send you your Google Classroom Codes (good FOREVER) with access to all the videos, slide decks, and homework to help you become a more confident and "Googlier" Teacher in the 2019-20 school year!


You'll enter the new school year prepared and ready to use these tools to help your students create, collaborate, communicate, and think critically.

Don't settle for the feeling of being left-behind and frustrated. That can lead to burnout. Take action!

Google University will take you from feeling frustrated and left-behind to empowered, ready, and excited to use G Suite tools with your students in the2019-20 school year!

In fact, here's the FIRST video on me! Go ahead! Check it out and you'll see that this IS in fact, the course you've needed from the very beginning! 

Simply sign into your Google account, go to and let's get started with Lesson 1: Google Drive Introduction and How to Share and Collaborate on a Google Doc. 


If your school has gone Google, but you haven't, then that should be WHY enough. You shouldn't settle for getting hives when your principal asks you why you haven't used these tools with your students yet.

We all struggle with change. Change is hard, but it can also be fun and empowering, if it goes at a pace that matches your needs. That's what Google University's Summer Bundle does. It goes at your pace, when and where you want to be instructed. 

If you're not a beginner, but want to dive deeper into the tools, AWESOME! Jump straight to G Suite 205: Beyond Beginner Status and check out the four awesome lessons in there.

Want to learn about Google Classroom and then other G Suite tools after that? AMAZING! You get to control the order of the courses you take. 

REGISTER HERE! It's only $197 for 5 months of instruction to be in your INBOX! That's almost HALF of what the original course costs. 

Also, in this video, I show you how to navigate G Suite 101's Google Classroom once you enter the course. It's really easy! 

Go to and join a class AS A TEACHER - I know, you're a student, but you really are a teacher. Then click JOIN CLASS.  Enter the code I will send you. 
Boom! Y0u're in! Then, you simply follow by the weekly topic!

At the end of the week, complete the Google Form that asks you some questions and you'll get a Certificate of Completion emailed to you right away! You also get a badge to download to show that you've completed that course. PRETTY AWESOME RIGHT?


-Starting Again August 2019-

If you want to learn how to use Google in your classroom, but can't find the time or the substitutes to cover your class, then this professional learning opportunity is for YOU. If you're looking for support in learning the basics of G Suite - all the way to becoming Google Certified, then this is a professional development option for you, even if you don’t live in Indiana!

How do I register?

Simply contact your local Indiana Education Service Center (West Central, East Central, or Region 8) , click on Professional Development, or contact them and they can help you get registered.