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This is one part burnout and all other parts action, inspiration, and support for teachers dealing with burnout.

 October 15, 2018  Also available on iTunes and Google Play.

October 15, 2018

Also available on iTunes and Google Play.

Episode #008 - What Type of Burned-Out Are You?

On this episode, I go solo to tell you about the three types of burnout there are, not just for teachers, but anyone in the workforce. Using research I've done, I tell you how to identify your type of burnout and what you can do to begin taking steps to solve it.

 October 8, 2018  Also available on iTunes and Google Play.

October 8, 2018

Also available on iTunes and Google Play.

Episode #007 - Katie Challenges Us to Seek Help

On this episode, Katie shares with us her journey through three different districts and her desire for an employer who can offer her communication, respect, and continuity. She shares her experiences through a perspective of vulnerability and shares that if we've hit rock bottom, there's no place to go but up, so we might as well ask for help.

 October 1, 2018  Also available on iTunes and Google Play.

October 1, 2018

Also available on iTunes and Google Play.

Episode #006 - Stephanie Doesn’t Want You To Be Afraid To Take The First Step

On this episode, Stephanie shares with us how a conversation with me, over a year ago, made her realize how unhappy she was in her then current place in her career. She began to seek out other opportunities for her and, although she admits that it was scary, she’s so glad that she did!

Stephanie starts off by telling us that, although she loved her school, her team, and her administrator, she had felt that in her career, she was out of control. She was tired, even felt depressed about how much she felt like she was on this “hamster wheel” as she called it.

Coincidentally, I had just started interviewing teachers for the BIT Blog and I was asking everyone I knew if they would allow me to interview them. She agreed and we had a great discussion about her feelings about her career.

Throughout the interview, she said many things that made her feel sad for herself as she read the blog post about two weeks later. Stephanie said that she didn’t want to sound that way or feel that way, so she talked to her husband and started looking for other options.

About a year later, she had the opportunity to move to a different position within her school that she loves so much, and had many reservations about whether or not to take it. She ultimately did, and was so pleasantly surprised that she did.

She wants others to know that, although change is scary, she encourages you to listen to your words and your feelings and if you’re unhappy with the way that you sound, take the first step to change your situation, even though it may be scary.

 September 24, 2018  Also available on iTunes and Google Play.

September 24, 2018

Also available on iTunes and Google Play.

Ep #005 - Bethany Encourages Us to Advocate for Ourselves and Make Changes

On this episode, Bethany, a teacher of 25 years from Georgia, shares her journey in education that has included a lot of changes along the way. She shares with us a moment that she had to advocate for herself to higher admin and how right now she feels that she has a choice to make about her career. 

Bethany admits that her first few years of teaching were in a very sheltered and coddled environment. After moving to a new state, she was shocked by the situations her students were finding themselves, the expectations from the State, and the lack of support from her principal.

She eventually went for help above her principal and was moved to another school with a very nurturing administrator.

After moving back and forth another time, because her husband is in the military, she has now been at the same school for 17 years. She has seen a huge change in the level of involvement from parents.

Bethany encourages administrators not to blanket their expectations over all teachers. Some teachers need that support, but others do not. She feels disrespected as a professional. She pleads to administration to let her teach and do the job that she has a Master’s Degree in and has actually been recognized for her teaching skills in her District.

She has great friends who she is active with outside of school and they have encouraged her to move to another district with them. However, she has noticed that they are having the same issues with being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and how to grade it.

Bethany has made efforts to advocate for herself and to find change for herself within her building, however, has felt ‘passed over’ a few times. She feels that she may need to leave the profession in order to take control over her feelings of burnout. She acknowledges that, because of the stress, she needs to decide whether or not she will stay in the classroom for her final five years.

Show notes:

 September 21, 2018  Available on iTunes and Google Play

September 21, 2018

Available on iTunes and Google Play


Ep #004 - How Do I Get Burned-In?

On this episode, I go solo to go deeper into what BURNED-IN means. Did you know that it’s an acronym? Well, it is and here’s what it stands for:

B: Begin Where You Are

U: Understand (you, your situation, your “people”, your current reality)

R: Reflect On Your Challenges

N: Nurture Your Strengths

E: Extend Your Reach

D: Determine Your Goals

I: Initiate Change


I also share information about my FREE ACTION GUIDE: The BURNED-IN Teacher Method: Eight Steps to Take Control and Beat the Burnout Starting NOW. You can download it by going to this link, scrolling down a bit and signing up. It will land in your mailbox IMMEDIATELY!

By signing up for the Action Guide, you’ll also be added to my growing email list to receive monthly newsletters, updates, and “Tid-BITs” (BIT=Burned-In Teacher) of inspiration in your inbox a couple times a month.

 September 20, 2018  Available on iTunes and Google Play

September 20, 2018

Available on iTunes and Google Play


Ep #003 - Kim Strobel Teaches Us to Face Our Fears and Find Happiness

In this episode of The BIT Podcast, Kim Strobel tells us the story of her struggle with anxiety and Panic Disorder and how she went from quitting college and moving home, to taking on her fears and anxiety and not just graduating, but going on to teach, work in administration, and eventually become a successful Happiness and Education Coach. She shares with us what she did to take control over her own happiness, and gives us advice to do the same.

“The trophy is no longer for those who have completely exhausted themselves. There’s no honor in that, really. It used to be, but we now know better. So, we have to do better.”

We finish our discussion by discussing teachers’ well-being and how we can actually become more productive by taking care of ourselves first. She states that she works with teachers who are so overwhelmed, and they’re losing their joy in their personal life because their stress from teaching is spilling over into their personal life. She makes it very clear that:

“You need to put yourself first. You need to get your butt out of the door by 4 on most days. Leave things undone. It will feel uncomfortable, but if you want to take back your personal life, you have to say, “Sometimes, I have to put myself first.”

Show Notes:

 September 19, 2018  Available on iTunes and Google Play

September 19, 2018

Available on iTunes and Google Play

Ep #002 - Jacquelyn Whiting Helps Us Find What We Love Most About Teaching

In this episode, Jaquelyn Whiting tells us her story of burnout and teaches us a strategy she has used with students to find what she loves most about her career. She also emphasizes the importance of a PLN (Professional Learning Network) and how it has helped her to stay motivated and progressive in her practice.

Jacquelyn has realized many things about herself and her colleagues in her 26 years of teaching/working as a Media Specialist. She has learned that burnout shows up in different teachers differently and that it is sometimes hard to identify. Although she thought that burnout showed up as grumpiness or “gruffness”, as she explains, her’s showed up as disinterest and she knew she needed to reevaluate her feelings.

She shares with us her “But List” method to figuring out what she loves most about teaching and what is holding her back from truly enjoying it. She also shares her current outlet, which is blogging! See the Show Notes for blog addres

show notes:

 September 18, 2018  Available on iTunes and Google Play

September 18, 2018

Available on iTunes and Google Play

Ep #001 - My Story of Burnout

In this episode, I share my teaching story and experiences with burnout. I also share with you some things that are coming up in the next few days of the BIT Podcast.


  • I’ve taught for 12 years in Public Education

  • Started my career back in 2007 in a rural, high-poverty, high diversity school corporation

  • 2015 became an Executive Director at a local non-profit organization

  • Moved to a different school corporation in 2015 - still rural, high-poverty

  • Currently a Full-Time Google Trainer and EdTech Consultant, traveling around to different schools, teaching them to use EdTech to enhance teachers’ teaching and students’ learning

My story is a rollercoaster of highs and lows:

  • My first two years were really hard, as I was viewed as a nuisance and ‘bossy’ by my team when I was simply excited to share new ideas and things that I wanted to try in my classroom

  • My mentor and principal were not very supportive of my situation and I felt alone and isolated

  • Things changed in year 3 when I was moved to second grade and got along wonderfully with my colleagues and realized the power of friendship among teachers - I experienced the same type of experience when I moved to third grade

  • By the middle of my third year teaching third grade (now Grade Level Leader as well) I was feeling severe burnout and decided that I needed to make a change immediately (in the middle of the school year)

  • Became the Executive Director of local non-profit, which closed six months later, because of financial issues

  • Hired by a new school district, but very stuck and burned-out again, because my talents were not realized or recognized

  • Became extremely BURNED-IN during an EdTech Team Google Summit and decided to go all out and become a Certified Educator, Trainer, and Innovator - Created BURNED-IN Teacher on my way home

  • Began blogging about burnout and using EdTech in my classroom

  • Became a Google Innovator, using Burned-In Teacher as my project

  • Left the classroom to fulfill my dream of turning Burned-In Teacher into a community, consult full-time, and do things like the BIT Podcast to bring more teachers together

Show notes:

 September 17, 2018  Available on iTunes and Google Play

September 17, 2018

Available on iTunes and Google Play

Ep #000 - The Burned-In Teacher Podcast Preview

In this episode, I explain to you what the mission and purpose of The Burned-In Teacher Podcast is. Join me as I also tell you ways that you can find support from BIT today!

You may have said to yourself before, “I am totally alone in what I’m feeling.”

Not anymore. The Burned-In Teacher Podcast is a resource dedicated to connecting you to others who are feeling the same way you have been. The educators on this podcast are brave enough to share their stories of burnout with the world. On BIT, we get real. We get honest. And we TAKE ACTION. Action against the burnout with stories from burned-out teachers, advice from experts, and actionable steps you can take today, to become a happier, more fulfilled human being. It’s a source of support FOR teachers FROM teachers, and there are many ways for you to join the community.

Sign up for The Burned-In Teacher Method: 8 Steps to Take Control and Beat The Burnout Starting Now. Go to www.burnedinteacher.com. You’ll also be added to my email list so that you can get the latest updates about BIT and a monthly newsletter of more resources to help you on your journey out of burnout.

I also host a FREE and PRIVATE Facebook Group at www.facebook.com/groups/burnedinteacher where you can join over 100 other educators who are supporting one another and taking action to beat the burnout.

The reason I felt so compelled to put together all of these resources is because when I was going through burnout and I was searching for answers online for how to solve it, I would get an article here or a blog post there, but not a full-out community of support from other other educators and experts.

The Mission of The Burned-In Teacher Podcast is pretty clear: It’s to off a community of support from myself, experts, and teachers, to help you take control and take actionable steps to beat the burnout.

SHOW notes:

  • www.burnedinteacher.com - sign up to receive your free bit method action guide to help you build relationships and begin to take control of the burnout today!

  • Join the Burned-In Teacher Private Facebook Group

  • WANT TO BE A GUEST ON THE PODCAST OR HAVE A GREAT EXPERT IN MIND THAT YOU’D LIKE ME TO INTERVIEW? Email me at burnedinteacher@gmail.com and tell me what you’d like to discuss. You can choose to be interviewed anonymously. I understand your need for anonymity.