Stages of Recovery from Burnout eBook

Learn how to get out of burnout by learning the stages and what you can think, say, and do to get through the stages of recovery from burnout faster

Hey Teacher Friend!

Have you seen the signs of  being burned out at work and wondered ...

"How do I break out of burnout?"

This free ebook will help you identify your signs of being burnt out at work and help you move through the stages of burnout.

Whether you're identifying the early signs of burnout or you're in a late stage of burnout The Stages of Burnout ebook is here to help you get unstuck and break out of burnout.

This eBook will jumpstart your teacher burnout recovery by teaching you...

How to identify the stages of burnout and which one you're in now, so you can make progress TODAY

How to break out of burnout by teaching you how to get to the next stage of recovery (without the “self-care” lecture)

How to get out of job burnout by telling you what to think, say, and do in each stage of recovery

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Here's the thing...

Your teacher burnout post pandemic isn't your fault, but it is your responsibility.

Listen, teacher friend...

This is just the beginning of a beautiful journey that is recovering from your burnout a stronger and happier version of yourself!

The truth is...

It's going to take more than a Google search of "How to stop being burnt out at school?"

Consider this ebook your permission slip to prepare for changing your reality TODAY. Are you ready to take action and do what’s best for your current burnout stage so you can begin breaking out of burnout?

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"Unpack your what, how, and why."

- Amber Harper, The Burned in Teacher

Hey there! I'm Amber Harper.

A full-time Kindergarten teacher and your Teacher Burnout Coach on a mission to help teachers rise up from burnout and create careers they love.

As a full-time teacher, nationally recognized speaker and author of “Hacking Teacher Burnout,” I have helped thousands of teachers with practical mindset strategies, personalized burnout plans, and time management tactics. 

I remember the moment when I knew I had to do something truly different.

Every late July I would tell myself "this school year is going to be different", that I wasn't going to let things get to me, and that I was going to just go to work, do my job, and leave.

But as I said this, I would do NOTHING different to prepare myself to actually DO things differently. By the end of August I was already in a rut and I wasn't able to keep the negativity out. I was working all hours of the week, burning out again and asking myself, "How do I get out of burnout? FOR GOOD???" So, one day I finally started to do things differently. I made difficult shifts in my mindset, my beliefs, and my habits that were keeping me stuck in burnout, and EVERYTHING changed.

Take Me There

Has your teaching experience left you fighting burnout and dreading every day in your classroom or school?

One of the first steps to tackling your burnout is understanding where you are in your burnout recovery stage. Read my free ebook and work through these stages of recovery. You won't be sorry you did something different for the sake seeing different results in your life.

Let's do this!