Tackle Your Teacher Burnout in 30 Minutes

3 Shifts You Can Make TODAY, to Begin to See Change TOMORROW

Hey Teacher!

You have to be willing to make changes in your own life now, if you want to keep changing the lives of your students.

In this training, you’ll get instant access to...

3 mistakes that most teachers make that will keep you stuck in burnout for far too long

3 actionable mindset shifts that will help you begin tackle your burnout

(without the “self-care” lecture)

Process to design a personalized burnout plan to help you tackle your burnout and thrive

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Here's the thing...

Your burnout isn't your fault, but it is your responsibility.


Design your personalized burnout plan using our workshop workbook for FREE!

When you think about your career in education, do you immediately feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Consider this workshop and accompanying workbook your free toolbox for preparing for changing your reality TODAY. Are you ready to take action and do what’s best for FUTURE YOU, wherever you are on your burnout journey and no matter your burnout type?

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"Unpack your what, how, and why."

- Amber Harper, The Burned in Teacher

Hey there! I'm Amber Harper.

And I'm a Teacher Burnout Coach on a mission to help teachers rise up from burnout and create careers they love.

As a full-time teacher, nationally recognized speaker and author of “Hacking Teacher Burnout,” I have helped thousands of teachers with practical mindset strategies, personalized burnout plans, and time management tactics. 

I remember the moment when I knew I had to do something truly different.

Every late July I would tell myself "this school year is going to be different", that I wasn't going to let things get to me, and that I was going to just go to work, do my job, and leave.

But as I said this, I would do NOTHING different to prepare myself to actually DO things differently. By the end of August, I would not be able to keep the negativity out, I was working all hours of the week, and burning out... again. So, one day I finally started to do things differently. I made difficult shifts in my mindset, my beliefs, and my habits that were keeping me stuck in burnout, and EVERYTHING changed.

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Has your teaching experience left you fighting burnout and dreading every day in your classroom or school?

The first step to tackling your burnout is understanding the root cause of it. Watch my free workshop and work through the workbook to understand how you can tackle your burnout now and create a personalized burnout plan that will change how you approach to your biggest challenges NOW.

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