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The BURNED-IN eBook will build upon the Teacher Burnout Cheat Sheet by walking you through the eight-step BURNED-IN Process. Also doubles as a journal as you go through the practices suggested in each chapter!

✔︎ Downloadable PDF eBook delivered to your inbox immediately after purchase

✔︎ Chapter reflections double as an action journal

✔︎ Audio Version built right into the eBook!

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Monthly and Annual Membership Available

The Burned-In Teacher Membership Community provides you with the content and community you need to become a BURNED-IN Teacher!

✔︎Priority-Setting and Onboarding Call

✔︎Bi-Weekly LIVE Community Form + Q&A Office Hours

✔︎Weekly Co-Working Sessions

✔︎Quarterly Goal Planning Sessions

✔︎Community Support

✔︎Access to my ENTIRE Resource Library full of templates, courses, the eBook, planners, and spreadsheets (and even MORE as it grows!)

✔︎Guest Expert and BIT Trainings that are important to YOU

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Out the Door by 4:00 Online Course

This course was designed specifically for overwhelmed, stressed-out teachers who need a step-by-step process for visualizing, prioritizing, eliminating, simplifying, automating, and systemizing their day-to-day tasks.

✔︎ Six short, focused video modules that show you how to create the work-life balance you're looking for

✔︎ The ODb4 Action Book


BURNED-IN Teacher Training Online Course

If you're frustrated, negative, or burned-out - THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! Need actionable steps you can take to decide what the heck you want from your career and life? Yep! This is it.

✔︎ Eight short, to the point Modules that walk you step-by-step through the BURNED-IN process 

✔︎ Downloadable Burned-In Reflection Journal

INCLUDED IN THE TRIBE Learn More about the BIT Training Course

Speaking or Burned-In Teacher Training Workshop

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If you're a teacher or principal who believes that BURNED-IN Teacher Training is something your whole school should experience together, then bring Amber to you!

✔︎ Full-day workshop option

✔︎ Go through the BURNED-IN Teacher Training Process in one day, surrounded by the support of your colleagues

✔︎ Keynote/Breakout Session options


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