Mar 11, 2019

In this episode, Jen Giffen, from The Shukes & Giff Podcast, shares her productivity tips and tools that she uses to keep all of her projects and notes straight as an educator. She also has a lot of wisdom to share about her struggle with teacher burnout and action steps she takes when it starts to creep into her life.

Jen claims that she’s gone through teacher burnout each year she’s been in education and her superpower is a LOT of self-reflection and believing that she is truly the master of her own fate. She says, “You can decide what your journey is going to look like and can control the way you get to that place.


She shares that when she’s really struggling, she does a gap analysis and asks herself, “What’s the difference between the projects and people I’m working with and my goals and what’s missing?

If you’re dealing with burnout, I would also encourage you to make sure what you’re doing is aligned with your WHY and what your goals are. If they aren’t, it’s time to start taking action steps to get yourself back on the right track.

Jen also recommends that you take the time to understand yourself and why you’re feeling the way you are. You can’t control other people and what’s happening around you. Find one thing that makes you happy and dive deep into that thing.

Sometimes to find that happiness, you have to take a moment of pause and go into the depth to get deep into that happiness, because then it will saturate and permeate across the breadth that we normally work in.

The following tools were recommended by Jen as ways to increase your productivity in the classroom. Jen does encourage you to try stuff and find what works for you. You have to try something because, if you’re unbalanced, clearly what you’re doing isn’t serving you.

  1. Google Keep

  2. Pinning Tabs to Google Chrome

  3. Toby Mini Chrome Extension


  5. Share to Classroom Chrome Extension

  6. Tab Resize Chrome Extension

  7. Clipboard History Chrome Extension

  8. .new


  10. Pocket

  11. Extension Manager Chrome Extension


    1. Read & Write Chrome Extension



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