Mar 08, 2021


Burnout is tough and no one wants to be in that perpetual state of negativity, overwhelm, anxiety, and despair.  It’s understandable why burnout is something that one tries to avoid, but what if we look at burnout from a different angle.  What if instead of saying that burnout happens TO us, we say it happens FOR us. 

Burnout is a call for change! 

In this episode, I interview Molly Wheatley, a first-grade teacher from Missouri who turned her teacher burnout into an opportunity to change her life! Molly talks about her difficult experience with an administrator that eventually led her to decide to move to a different school, as well as the challenges that went along with this decision. She also shares how her decision to begin tutoring on the side ignited her love of teaching again. 

Molly is the founder of Literacy Fundamentals and creator of the Tutorpreneur Academy™ where she helps teachers build a profitable tutoring business using skills they already have so that they can make money on the side without quitting their teaching jobs. She discovered her passion when she reached the 5-year mark of teaching and felt completely burned out and realized she could use her teaching strengths to make money on the side which created her unique approach which is the Tutorpreneur Method™. Since then she has worked with countless students and it’s become her mission to empower every teacher to start earning great money on the side.

In this episode you will:

  • Learn some of Molly’s solutions and strategies for managing difficult behavior problems. (14:45)
  • Get Molly’s strategies for virtual teaching (16:10)  
  • Learn how she makes time to do what she wants while teaching full-time. (19:00) 
  • Understand how starting her tutoring business ignited her passion for teaching again. (22:30) 
  • Get Molly’s advice for teachers who are struggling.  (25:45) 



  1. Find something that brings you joy and can look forward to doing - Having something to look forward to doing keeps you feeling energized because you are balancing what you have to do while still making time for what you love to do. 
  2. Figure out a planning method that works for you  - Buy a planner, try out Google Calendar, or any other scheduling method, and use it to be intentional about how you spend your time so you can start to make time for what is most important to you. 
  3. Find your people - When you are burned out, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone.   Find someone that you can count on to be supportive and real with you when you need it most.  



Instagram: @literacyfundamentals 

Website: Literacy



To learn more about Molly’s Tutorpreneur Method™, click here. 



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