Jan 11, 2021


Being grounded and intimately connected with yourself - both physically and emotionally - is important.  This connectedness allows us to feel when we are out of alignment (burned out) as well as giving us insight for how to remedy those feelings associated with being out of alignment with our true self.  

In this episode, I share my interview with Andrea Tessier as she leads us through her pathway to a more conscious classroom and self. She promotes sustainable coping mechanisms that help teachers to process challenges and prevent burnout. 

Andrea Tessier is a master educator turned wellness coach for educators. As a burnout survivor, she helps teachers overcome burnout and fall back in love with teaching again so they can experience freedom and make an impact that inspires others and changes lives.

In this episode you will:

  • Get Andrea’s burnout story (9:00)
  • Hear about why Andrea left the classroom and what her inspiration was for Conscious Classrooms (13:00) 
  • Learn about Andrea’s process for overcoming burnout (18:00)
    • Connect with your body.
    • Connect with your mind and your values.  
    • Align your emotions
    • Set boundaries
    • Break boundaries
    • Make time for creation and play in your day.  
    • Build collaborative communities. 
    • Clarify your purpose.
  • Listen to Andrea explain what she notices is affecting teachers during the pandemic and her suggestions for how teachers can support themselves (35:00)



  1. Stop and breathe when you feel stressed out.  Take 3 minutes to regulate yourself with belly breathing.  
  2. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed with emotions, name how you are feeling.  Remember, if you can name it, you can tame it! 
  3. Ground yourself when you are feeling anxious.   To do this, put your hands on your body and breathe - this will remind you that you are okay and bring you back to the present moment. 




Conscious Educators Facebook Group 




Andrea’s Website 

Check out Andrea’s book: The Burnout Prevention Formula





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