Dec 03, 2018

In this action-packed final episode of The BIT Podcast of Season 1, I take you from 0 to planning out your 2019 to be the BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE. No more goal setting without intention. No more drifting through this life. This episode is a must listen if you have a history of letting the calendar rule you, instead of you ruling it. You are the boss and the creator of your future. Let's do this!


Here we are, close to the end of 2018, and if you’ve been struggling with burnout like many others, you’re counting down the days to Winter Break. Here are the steps, spelled out, to Planning Your Best 2019 EVER!

  • Create Your Word of the Year (Inspired by Steph Crowder)

    • Get a NEW, clean journal for all of your 2019 journaling. This doesn’t have to be fancy (as you see in my image), but I do believe that it should be one that you can start on page 1, because you’ll be writing a lot in this thing in 2019!
    • Do a “Blue Sky Brain Dump” of all of your goals, big and small, for your personal and professional life. DREAM BIG here!
    • Draw a T Chart on another page and title one side “What Went Well in 2018” and the other side “What Didn’t Go Well in 2018” - fill it in and be HONEST with yourself here.
    • Draw another T Chart on the next page of your journal and title one side “Yes” and the other side “No!” - Write down all of the things you’ll say YES! to on one side and all the things you’re going to start saying “No!” to on the other. This is going to take some reflection as the things you may need to say “No.” to will require some communication, follow through, and you’ll have to be brave. You can do it!
    • On a new page title it “2019 Professional Goals” and list them. (Feel free to add or pivot these goals as the year goes on.)
    • On the next page title it “2019 Personal Goals” and list them.  (Feel free to add or pivot these goals as the year goes on.)
    • MY FAVORITE PART!!! Go back through all that you’ve written down and look for reoccurring themes, words that repeat or stick out and speak to you. THAT’S YOUR WORD OF THE YEAR. This is something that may take time and a full night of sleep to think about, but when it hits you, you’ll know.
    • The last step of this is to write your Word of the Year really big across one or two pages and decorate it like crazy. Take a picture and post it to The Burned-In Teacher Facebook Group!

 2. Create a Vision Board (inspired by Kim Strobel)

Believe it or not, I had never heard of a Vision Board until a couple of years ago, and even then I rolled my eyes at the thought of it. I thought to myself, “I’m a grown woman… why the hell would I waste my time crafting up a silly board of dreams and goals.” Coincidentally, I was going through a serious season of burnout, so that’s not completely surprising that I would have that type of closed-mind approach to the idea. Fast forward to TODAY and I’m like, “HECK YES I want to make a Vision Board. Let’s do this thing!” Here are the steps, according to Kim Strobel’s FREE, downloadable ebook titled, Vision Boards and the Law of Attraction - 5 Steps to Creating a Life You LOVE, you need to follow in order to create your own:

  • Gather Your Materials: poster board (can be cheap one from Wal-Mart), markers, scissors, tape, glue, magazines, paint, or whatever you want to use to decorate your board!
  • Gather Your Data: images of places you want to go and people you admire, quotes, sayings, or Google images of certain topics that you aspire to do and/or be in 2019.
  • Sort and Arrange Items: by either category or part of your life… organize them however you want on the boards and either glue or tape them down.
  • Decorate: after having everything glued down, you can now decorate your board with stickers, markers, or paint. Get creative with this part and really make it YOURS!
  • Decide Where Your Board Will Live: be sure to put your board in a place you will see it multiple times a day. (I plan on making the image of my Vision Board my computer screen saver and my phone’s background image.)
  • Don’t be afraid to go “New School” and create a Digital Vision Board like I plan to do later this week. I’ll be sharing it in The Burned-In Teacher Facebook Group and on Instagram when I’m finished! (P.S. I plan on using a Google Slide and changing the dimensions to be larger than normal.)


Below, you will see a screenshot of images from Kim Strobel’s ebook of her past and present Vision Boards. I plan

 3. Create Your Plan for the BEST YEAR EVER in 2019! (Inspired by Steph Crowder)

So, you’ve spent time diving deep into your goals and dreams, made them visual, and now it’s time to plan out your action steps to make those things happen! It’s so easy to SAY that we’re going to save more money, or travel to that place, or do this thing… but if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This idea came from Steph Crowder at www.courageandclarity.com and I look at her as a business mentor. She is the one who inspired me to start The Burned-In Teacher Podcast and continues to push me for bigger and better dreams for Burned-In Teacher and YOU every week on her podcast. She actually did an episode on what she calls a “Business Staycation” where she takes you through all of her steps to plan Your Year on the Wall.  So let’s plan this year out!

  • Gather your word of the year, your goals, your vision board, and purchase a paper planner. (Mine was $5 from Kroger.) If you plan on planning your year on your wall with large wall calendars, you’ll also need small sticky notes in up to 4 or 5 colors.
  • Dream BIG. (We’ve already done this by doing the Blue Sky Brain Dump, setting goals, and creating your Vision Board.)
  • Using the paper planner, actually plot out when you’ll prepare and execute those plans of yours for 2019. I plan on using the paper planner to get messy and make mistakes, cross things out, etc so I can make sure I’m well-planned for my Year on the Wall (Steph Crowder) and I’m doing this with what she calls, guided flexibility, which means that I have a plan, but I have to allow for some changes as my year goes, so that I can grow my ideas and plans as things evolve in my life.
  • Now boil those dreams and goals down to tasks that I need to complete in order to make those things happen. If you want to go to Australia (Our family is excited to visit friends there next Winter Break 2020.) we can’t wait until 2020 to save and plan for that visit. If you are planning on going back to school in 2019, what are the steps that you need to take to get you there?
  • If you plan on using large calendars on your wall, this is where you plot out the colored sticky notes so you can see what tasks you need to complete and when, so you can do the things you need to do to set yourself up for the BEST 2019 POSSIBLE!

This is an image from Steph Crowder’s course. I thought it was a good representation of what your Year on the Wall can look like, since I haven’t done mine yet.

I plan on going though ALL of these steps myself for 2019 this coming Thursday and Friday and I will share my journey on Instagram Stories! I also plan on posting images of my Word of the Year, Vision Board, and my Year on the Wall inside the BIT FB Group!  BE SURE TO CHECK THEM OUT!

That’s all! YOU DID IT!




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