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May 20, 2019

In this episode, Dan shares with us his struggle with feeling ineffective as he tried to teach students who weren’t engaged and were going out of their way to ‘school’ him. He tells his Cinderella story of transformation as he realized his passion for Flipped Learning and how he’s turned from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side in his classroom.

Dan is a writer and editor for the Flipped Learning Review Magazine. I want to encourage you all to go and check out this online magazine because this month, the issue addresses teacher burnout. I think after hearing from Dan in today's podcast, you will not only hear his story, but you will hear his passion and his joy, and you will see how his work in the classroom, as well as writing for this magazine have had a huge impact on him as well as educators around the world. I have included a link to this month's issue of the magazine in the podcast description, so make sure to check that out here:


  1. Students made a game of trying to upset him

  2. Dan felt ineffective

  3. Depression set in

  4. Tried to quit teaching - principal said, “I won’t let you. Try something new.”

  5. Found flipped learning


    1. Take the lecture and move that into the individual space

      1. Listening, taking notes at their own pace

      2. Reading a passage

      3. Consuming in their own space

    2. When they come to the classroom, they can apply and do something with that information

    3. Getting them on the higher level of Bloom’s Taxonomy

      1. “Remembering” on the lower level of blooms, but watching a video or listening to a podcast independently

      2. When they come back to the class, they “Apply”

  6. Can teach from powerpoints

  7. Video of you in front of a board

  8. If you’re going to read the notes to them anyway, just give them the slide deck

  9. Use Screencastify and do a voice over while you go through the slides or lesson

No Wifi? Didn’t do the work?

  1. “In-flip”

    1. A station or rotation where Students engage with the content while the rest of the class is applying what they learned

How to:

  1. Think of your objectives and plan in Units

  2. Plan backwards with an Essential Question in mind that students should be able to answer at the end of the unit

  3. Create a place to store all of your materials:

    1. Website

    2. Google Classroom

  4. Build a rubric with:

    1. Essential Question

    2. Vocabulary Terms

    3. Topics you’ll be covering

  5. Students dive into research on their own

  6. “Design Lab” where they’re working with peers and discussing what they learned the night before

  7. Ask students, “Based on what you’re learning, what would be a really cool way that you can think of to represent what you’re learning.”

He now has time to have micro conversations and guide on the side

“Guide on the Side” instead of “Sage on the Stage”

  1. Students have to learn how to time manage

    1. Write paper

    2. Create project

    3. Plan project presentation

Give into conversation

  • Turn and talk card

  • Questions don’t change:

    • What did I learn from previous night’s lesson

    • What are the big ideas to take away?

    • What questions do I still have?

Is your classroom student-centered?

Is your classroom passive or active?

“It wasn’t me trying to pull things out of them, it was more about what they want to invest into the class and their learning.”

Show numbers 1-10 when they do lunch count -”You’re a two, ok, what do you need today?”

LINKS TO RESOURCES: (FLR Magazine K-12 editor)

Flipped Learning Global Initiative

Flipped 3.0 Project Based Learning: An Insanely Simple Guide - How to Set Up a Flipped Learning Classroom - Dan’s Website

Twitter: @ideasforteacher

Instagram: Ideasforteachers


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