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Jan 20, 2020

In this episode, Josh Wenning, Executive Director of Region 8 Education Service Center and Certified Strengths Coach, helps me to navigate through my strengths and helps all of us understand how our strengths help us understand ourselves and others better, therefore creating stronger relationships, classrooms, and work culture.

Josh's Message to Us:

The things that we’re naturally good at can sometimes get in our way. 

Our strengths are not labels and they’re not meant to categorize us. You can still find differences between two people who both share a strength in their top 5 strengths, because all of our strengths play into each other. We’re all hot wired to be amazing. We have unique super-talents are buried within us. Sometimes our superpowers are made to be negative. Strengths are not only powerful for you, but they’re also powerful for others to understand one another.

There’s no one strength that’s better than another.

Knowing each other’s strengths creates a common vocabulary. It helps us understand one another and the way we behave and/or process.

The same applies to our students. We typically put labels on our students that have a negative connotation when, in fact, their raw strengths are starting to shine through in ways that could be labeled as disruptive or disrespectful. 

Master teachers and principals ask really great questions to students and teachers to connect and communicate and understand. 

Have you been labeled as bossy? Maybe you have leadership qualities that haven’t been tapped into yet. 

When people are disengaged at work, it’s because they’re lacking purpose and their strengths are not being utilized. 

Strengths is not just a way to understand ourselves better, but to understand our colleagues better. Celebrating differences is essential.

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