Sep 14, 2020


Being true to your authentic self can be difficult.  It's easy to fall victim to the comparison which breeds jealousy and negativity.  When you start to follow someone else’s lane, you lose yourself as you start to adopt other peoples’ norms.   And you lose your sense of purpose because you're not sticking with what is authentic for YOU.  

In this episode, I talk with Tisha Strasser about how to be your true, authentic self.   Tisha shares about her organization called Bring It-Push It-Own It and how she works to support and empower teenage girls through a variety of personal growth activities.  We talk about how important it is to never settle for being anything less than your unique self.  We have a  candid conversation about what empowerment is and isn’t and what it should look like.  In this episode, you will be left feeling empowered to be your best, true self so you can do and be your best for the people you serve and beat the burnout!

Tisha is the Founder & CEO of Bring It-Push It-Own It in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Her mission is to empower young people to lean into their true, authentic self instead of being influenced to be someone different.  

In this episode you will:

  • Understand the importance of supporting a feeling of belonging in others.  (15:00) 
  • Hear about the difference between what people think causes change and what actually does. (19:30) 
  • Know what “empowerment” means and understand what empowerment is and what it isn’t(21:00) 
  • Hear Tisha’s burnout story. (27:00) 
  • Understand jealousy and how it affects you. (33:00)



  1. Gut check moment: become self-aware of how you act and what you do.  Are you okay with the vibe you are projecting? 
  2. Reflect on the people you associate with.  Are they empowering you and lifting you up? 
  3. Check that you are doing what is true to you. Are you in your lane, or are you just doing what is “easy”?  Being your best self doesn’t mean staying in your comfort zone.



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Email: [email protected] 



7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey 

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