Sep 21, 2020

It’s really easy to fall into a negative mindset, isn’t it?  It’s really easy to let those things that you can’t control or the “shoulda”, “woulda”, “coulda’s” take over your thoughts and lead you down a dark, negative path that takes you straight to burnout.  But you have the power to overcome this negative mindset.  You have the ability to reframe your thinking which will, in turn, change everything about your current reality.  


In this week’s podcast episode, I share with you the keys to the kingdom.  I will ignite the spark that you already have inside you to get out of that negative mindset and to overcome burnout.  All it takes is changing the way you think about your current reality by not letting your lizard brain take over.  By just reframing your thoughts, you can significantly change your relationships, your feelings, and your LIFE. 

In this episode you will:

  • Learn what your ‘lizard brain” is and how it affects you and your thoughts. (4:00)
  • Be able to use the question “How do you want to be remembered?” to look closely at your actions and understand how your actions can shape your current reality. (13:40) 
  • Understand whether or not you see your burnout as a blessing or a curse will impact your ability to beat it. (17:10) 
  • Get “gut check” questions to assess your current mindset about your burnout so you can beat it! (19:10) 


  1. STOP and take a breath, literally.  This will help clear your brain so you can reframe and rethink your current situation 
  2. Ask yourself “How do you want to be remembered?”. Then reflect on what you say and what you do and see if they match up.  
  3. Determine your current mindset about your burnout by asking yourself these questions:
    1. Have you already begun to rethink and reframe the situation that you are in? 
    2. Do you feel empowered? 
    3. Do you feel worthy and capable of finding solutions to your challenges or do you just focus on the challenges?





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