Oct 05, 2020

 Social media: it’s an interesting element that's woven into our lives. It can be a very powerful tool that connects us to people from all over the world, people that we would have never had the opportunity to connect with before, and it also allows us to see the amazing things other teachers have done and be inspired by them.  But social media can also bring you down and impact how others view you.  If you’re not careful, the accounts that you follow and the things that you post could really impact your teacher brand in a very negative way.  

In this episode, Dr. Fecich shares her experience with burnout as a Special Education teacher and how she went from working with middle schoolers to preservice teachers in higher education. We discuss the importance of sharing your voice, getting connected, seeking positive influences, and being conscious of the teacher brand you build for yourself with your online presence. This is a Burned and Over-It episode for teachers who need to think about their teacher brand, especially online, and may need a safe, less public place to share their voice if they don’t feel that they’re being heard in their immediate environment.

 Dr. Sam Fecich is a Professor of education and the author of Edumagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers.  She is also the co-author of the book Edumagic Shine On:A Guide for New Teachers.  Sam also hosts her own podcast called EduMagic Podcast. 

In this episode you will:

  • Learn about Sam’s burnout journey and find out what she did to find solutions for how she was feeling.  (12:25) 
  • Understand the importance of your “digital presence” and hear about how she addresses this to her college students. (22:00) 
  • Hear about how your digital PLN (the people you follow on social media) impact your teacher brand (26:00)
  • Understand that, sometimes burnout starts because you are not in the right fit but rather a way to change your perspective. (33:00) 


  1. Google yourself.  Are you happy with what you see?
  2. Take an inventory of what you are posting on your social media.  Would you view your posts as positive and a true reflection of who you are? Or, are you embarrassed that you posted what you did? 
  3. Look closely at the social media accounts that you follow.  Are they positive? Do they inspire you to be your best? Or are they negative?  



Instagram: @Sfecich

Twitter: @Sfecich 

Website: www.sfecich.com



EduMagic: A Guide for Pre-Service Teachers





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