Oct 12, 2020

Setting goals for yourself is important.  It allows you to keep working towards becoming the best version of yourself.  Setting goals and creating a plan to reach them is one way to keep you motivated and empowered.  It can help get you out of, and/or keep you out of, burnout.  

In this episode, I challenge your thinking about the goals that you set for yourself by getting you to think about not only DOING the things you need to do to reach your goals but to get you to think about how you can enjoy life in general.  All of you out there who are telling yourself stories about this year and how it’s affected your life in either a positive, negative or even new way, it’s important to look ahead into the future and create the vision you want for your life. You’ve got to think about not only what you want to ACCOMPLISH - but what you want to EXPERIENCE in your life.

In this episode you will: 

  • Hear the story of The Jar of Life. (10:40) 
  • Get questions to help you reflect on the last quarter. (15:22)
  • Get prompted to think about your vision for what you want quarter 4 to look like. (17:00)
  • Understand how the Jar of Life relates to you developing your vision for how you want to spend your time. (19:40) 



  1. Get out a notebook and reflect on last quarter.  Use the following prompts to guide your journaling. 
    1. What are your “rocks” and how much time did you dedicate to them? 
    2. How much time did you spend in the last quarter working? 
    3. How much time did you spend on the “sand” (the small, trivial tasks)?
  2. Reflect on what you actually spent time on.  Ask yourself: “Are they rocks, pebbles, or sand?”
  3. Create a vision for quarter 4.  Reflect on this question in your journal:
    1. What do I want to experience this quarter?



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