Oct 19, 2020

The culture of the place that you teach impacts you, whether you notice that it does or not.  Each school has a vibe - some are welcoming and inspiring, while others are draining and negative.  These “vibes” create unwritten expectations that you feel obligated to follow - such as the number of hours you should work on school - no matter how unrealistic they seem.   

In this episode, I talk with Naomi Gliva about her journey from being burned out and exhausted to thriving and empowered.  She shares how unrealistic cultural norms about time expectations in her school led her to have feelings of exhaustion, overwhelm, and eventually burnout.  But that all changed when she decided to make the changes that were best for herself and to set the boundaries she needed.  She and I talk about how it’s okay to challenge those unspoken expectations to truly take care of yourself so you can be the best version of yourself and beat the burnout! 

Naomi worked as a teacher for over 7 years while living in Denver, teaching mostly kindergarten.  She is now transitioned to being a stay-at-home mom, teacher blogger, and Teacher Pay Teacher author full time.  

In this episode you will:

  • Learn how teachers’ normalize “burnout”. (13:00)
  • Understand what’s behind the expectation to become a martyr. (15:50)
  • Hear about the changes Naomi made in order to overcome her feelings of burnout.  (18:15) 
  • Understand the importance of advocating for yourself. (27:00) 
  • Get her advice for staying happy, healthy, and balanced.   (37:50) 



  1. Reflect on your thoughts and feelings about your current situation by journaling.  Write about what teaching does feel like, what you want it to feel like, and what changes you could make to control your reality.   
  2. Take care of yourself, both mentally and physically.  Go for a walk outside, eat healthy foods, and drink enough water during the day.  In taking care of yourself, you will be able to be the best version of yourself.  
  3. Ask for help when you need it!  Make sure to advocate for the things that you need and let your administration know when you need something.  



Instagram: @Busy.little.bees.teachers 



Naomi’s Teacher Pay Teacher store: Busy Little Bees





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