Nov 09, 2020


So, what is self-care, really?  Social media tells us that it’s bubble baths, pedicures, or maybe even a glass of wine after a tough day.  While it’s true that these might offer quick fixes to make the troubles of a difficult day disappear, it really doesn’t get to the true cause of what’s happening and why.   TRUE self-care is messy, hard work, but it’s something that we have to do to see the results that we want.  When I’ve been invited to speak to teachers and administrators, it’s my mission to challenge people to look within themselves and have the tough conversations - to do the hard work - in order to leave burnout behind forever. 


In this episode, I’m going to share with you the talk I gave that got so much BUZZ at the American Association of Employment in Education Conference. I spoke with both building and district leaders as well as heads of HR and beyond. They all seemed to agree with me that “self-care will only take you so far”.  I wanted to extend to them what I have learned: that we all simply desire to be encouraged and empowered to take control over the three things that we truly do have control over as human beings. 

In this episode you will: 

  • Learn about “Together Care” and the effect that toxic positivity can have.   (13:30) 
  • Understand what chronic stress is and how it affects all aspects of yourself and your life. (14:30)
  • Get to know the three things that you DO have control over: 
    • Your beliefs (19:20)
    • Your time (26:00) 
    • Your actions (29:00)



  1. Pay attention to the stories that you tell yourself on a consistent basis. Reflect on why that’s a story that you believe and how that narrative is affecting you. 
  2. Think about what your vision is. Journal about how you envision your day looking. Are you leaving work at a certain time? How much work (if any) are you doing on the weekends? 
  3. Ask yourself: what do you want? Clearly state what you want without shame or feeling worried about what others might think.  Create a vision board to remind you of the goals you set for yourself.  



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