Nov 23, 2020

 Scrolling through Instagram, looking at Pinterest, talking to a colleague... it’s easy to fall victim to the perception that everyone has it all together.  It’s easy to believe that what we see is the truth, but that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes, these are just mirages and they cover up what is really happening behind the scenes.  


I want to share something with you that may shock you - AIN’T NOBODY GOT IT ALL TOGETHER - not me, not the teacher down the hall, not the influencer that you’re envying on Instagram or YouTube. NO ONE. In this episode of the podcast, I’m going to share with you the truth behind the image of those who appear to have it all together and give you the strategies you need to bust through those feelings of superhero syndrome that are keeping you stuck in burnout. 

 In this episode you will: 

  • Learn about how, even though we may think someone has it all together, there may be something going on that you are not aware of. (8:30)
  • Understand that challenges are relative and events are perceived and experienced differently by different people. (10:00) 
  • Know that you need to make the choices to change the story you tell yourself to get out of burnout. (12:40) 
  • Get the strategies to create a plan of action to beat the burnout. (14:00) 



  1. Write it all down.  Write down all the things that are challenging you, the stories you tell yourself, the thoughts that you are having.  Get it all out of your head and on paper so you can clear your mind to start taking action.
  2. Ask yourself: “How long have I thought/felt this?” “Is this in my control?” Look at the list that you made and use these reflection questions to start taking the action you need to get out of burnout! 
  3. Find someone who you trust who will help you to ask. No matter what you might think, you can't do this all alone.  Reach out and find the support that you need!



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